How To Find Your Home Decor Style

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Have you ever entered a home and loved how everything blends and how it brings out the owner’s personality and style? It may seem daunting to replicate the same for your house, given the various available options, but it doesn’t have to be.

Here are some steps to help you find your ideal décor style.


Professional Help

Many first-timers get anxious to remodel their home. If you are looking for the best, you can consult with home design experts who will help you with everything you need.

You can show them images of house designs you love and talk about what you want for them to guide you. Professional home design experts bring skills and experience to the table and develop excellent ideas.

It is the way to go if you want the best services from the pros in the industry. Hiring experts gives you a new light of available options, and selecting the ideal home design will be easier without spending a fortune.

Magazines and the Internet

The best place to find inspiration is from the internet and magazine pages. Many homeowners will only know what they want by looking at similar designs that help paint the picture in their heads.

Various apps and sites with home décor styles may help you focus on what you want. You can download and screenshot if searching online or tear pictures from magazines to serve as a guide.

You can pick out the pieces you love from individual photos and blend them to make your dream home design. If you hire a professional, they will also show you their catalog because it is easier to find your style by looking at examples.

Online Quizzes

Several available popular 2022 home décor styles may make it challenging to decide on one. You may love minimalistic, industrial, bohemian, coastal, or farmhouse but not sure which way to go. Thankfully, you can use online quizzes to narrow everything down.

Some are helpful because they ask the right questions and use your answers to tell you your décor style. In your free time, you can go online and take a few quizzes to find out, and if you find similar results, you may have your answer.

You may be shocked that it is not what you previously envisioned, making it easier to select the right décor. The best part is that your future online search will focus on particular keywords based on what comes out of the quiz. 


Interestingly, you can use your wardrobe to determine your décor style. The colors, textures, and details can easily guide you in deciding what will work for your home design, especially if you are always careful with your clothing pieces.

For instance, if you often wear neutral clothes, you will likely love the same palette for your décor style. In contrast, if your go-to clothes are bold colors, you can experiment with similar pieces for your house.

Also, if you prefer layered clothing, you can learn to include layers in your interior home designs. On the downside, using your wardrobe as a guide may be ineffective if you buy clothes randomly and don’t have a specific fashion style.


Another way to tell your décor style is to know how you want the house or room to feel. If you spend hours a day in a room, it should be comfortable for you and anyone else who walks into the space.

Experts may ask how you want the house to feel, and you can use adjectives to describe it. You can go for cozy, fresh, airy, elegant, or explain whatever you want the room to portray and give a glimpse of your personality and hobbies.

You can draw inspiration from places you visited and pick out items that made you feel a certain way when you walked in. Here is where your imagination runs wild, and there is no wrong choice as long as it feels right for you.

Contemporary Vs. Traditional

Given the several home design styles, it can be tricky to find a specific décor. But it may help narrow it down to the two basic categories: traditional and contemporary. Every other style falls into either of the two groups.

While contemporary features sleek, clean, minimalistic pieces. The vintage style goes for rich textures and bulkier furniture with close attention to the architecture. Whatever you go for will fall into either of the two groups.

However, if you are still unsure what to pick. You will love that you can mix modern and vintage décor styles effortlessly. They blend beautifully, and you can never go wrong with choosing a primary design combined with aspects of the other.

Settle for Your Ideal Décor Style

Choosing home décor is an art, and there is never a wrong style as long as it works for you. You can seek inspiration from magazines, quizzes, online, or consult with professionals, and it will help you choose vintage or modern décor styles to make the house feel and look a certain way.

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