Beautiful Home Decorating Ideas From Morocco

Interior Decor

All the home decorating ideas needed to create Moroccan style living room decor. Learn how to use colour for wall decor and soft furnishing as well as accessories.

Home decorating using the colours of Morocco will bring a richness and excitement into any living space. Traditional homes in Morocco are plain on the outside but filled with the most fascinating shapes, designs, textiles and colours on the inside.

Like the Victorian style of room decor, the Moroccans have elaborate furnishings, decorated surfaces and shiny brass or wooden objects covering most tables.

Moroccan Style Ideas For Wall Decor

The key to Moroccan home decor is colour. The walls are painted in warm, intense shades of mustard yellow, terracotta and rust tones. To bring this in line with modern decorating ideas, choose more restrained shades of yellow or terracotta for the wall decor and go for bolder coloured decorative objects.

Choose a rug with warm colours worked in a geometric design and hang it on a wall. Other wall decors could include:

  • A small cupboard with an intricately carved door
  • A mirror with an elaborate wooden frame
  • A large plate decorated with traditional cobalt blue and turquoise design.
Beautiful Home Decorating Ideas From Morocco

Decorating Ideas For Soft Furnishings

Fabrics for cushions and upholstery reflect spicy African colours, sometimes with touches of shiny metallic gold. Go for tactile fabrics like chenille, silk, brocade or softened canvas. Designs are generally geometric with zigzags, crosses and eight-pointed star shapes. Don’t be afraid to mix patterns as long as they are all in similar colours. Include larger areas of plain colour for balance.

Moroccan homes would usually have shutters at the windows, but here are some decorating ideas that will work well:

  • Look for a light cotton fabric in the basic colour of the room – terracotta or deep mustard. Hang it from a dark wooden pole, using tab tops. Look for some chunky multi-coloured silken cord and a tassel in the same colours as the room, and create a tie-back. A discreet hook on the wall will hold the cord.
  • Hang a plain white, very light fabric curtain from a black metal pole to create contrast in the room.
Beautiful Home Decorating Ideas From Morocco

Home Decor Ideas For Floors

Floors are traditionally tiled. These are sometimes large terracotta tiles, but wooden floorboards or neutral carpets covered with patterned rugs will effectively create the Moroccan room decor style.

Living Room Seating And Accessory Decorating Ideas

Beautiful Home Decorating Ideas From Morocco

Moroccan home decor seating is created by long low sofas around the walls, covered in gorgeous cushions and tempting to lounge upon. Small stools and oversized floor cushions could also be used. Add a low coffee table in dark wood. Serve coffee or mint tea in glasses on a brass tray, with a small plate of dates or nuts to complete the look.

Accessories including large wooden bowls, metal plates with a hammered pattern, small woven baskets filled with fruit and tall coloured glass vases would all contribute to the success of this Moroccan decor.


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