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Home improvements are always an immensely satisfying achievement; gadgets and technology can also make life easier in many ways, and give you more control over things. So, why not combine the two, and take a look at these home improvement gadgets?

We spoke with TechQuarters, an enterprise that provides IT support services London businesses use to optimize their IT infrastructures. TechQuarters also knows a thing or two about the kind of technology that can make buildings smarter, and also technology to help you manage your property in more efficient ways.

If you’re interested in things like making your home more energy-efficient and sustainable, making house chores easier, or improving home security, then these gadgets might interest you too!

1. Dyson Outsize Absolute +Cordless Vacuum

Dyson is one of the leaders in vacuum cleaning technology (which is a surprisingly big field of study), and the Outside Absolute+ cordless vacuum is a culmination of that technology, to say the least.

Its cordless design means you can clean your floors more quickly and freely – but that’s just the start of it. Its overall design emphasizes flexibility, allowing you to reach tricky areas, such as under the sofa.

It features a laser that detects minute particles; and if you have a pet, no need to worry, as this vacuum comes with an anti-tangle brush.

2. Roidmi Even Plus Self-Emptying Robot Vacuum

If even Dyson’s high-tech models can’t circumvent your hatred of vacuuming, then consider the Roidmi Eve Plus robot vacuum. A completely hands-off way of keeping your floors clean, this device essentially takes care of itself.

Not only does it vacuum, but it can also mop your floors, and empty itself – so all you really need to do is remember to empty its reservoir when you’re taking out the trash.

3. GAF Energy Timberline Solar Nailable Solar Shingles

Generating your own electricity is a dream of many, and with GAF energy, it doesn’t get much easier. Their Timberline Solar panels can be installed on your roof with nothing more than a nail gun – this is something you might own yourself!

Otherwise, a roofing crew will make light work of it. With a couple of hours of work, you’ll be on your way to reducing your electricity bills and becoming more self-sufficient.


4. Kohler Power Reserve Home Energy Storage System

You can double down on your efforts to become more energy self-sufficient with this Power Reserve system from Kohler. This device works with both new and existing solar panel setups and standard electricity grids.

It comes in 3 different battery sizes, and can be set to charge up – either from the grid or your solar panels – and hold onto that energy. If your area sometimes experiences grid outages, this is a great way of guaranteeing you have energy during such an event.

5. Water-Saving Showerhead

If you’ve made good progress with making your home more electricity efficient, you might then want to turn to your water usage.

One of the most common expenditures of water in a household is showers – if you’re in a multi-person household, your showers probably get put through their paces. This water-conserving showerhead from Moen Quattro can cut the amount of water used by up to 50% compared with regular showers.

6. Wyze Night Light

A dingy house is not a very relaxing environment; and nor is stumbling through the dark in the night when you have to get up for something. The Wyze Night Light solves this.

These lights feature a 3-month battery and can be installed anywhere, thanks to the ingenious magnetic mounting system. Up to 10 of these lights can be linked to create directional lighting. These lights are warm and not very bright, so they add just enough luminosity, without hurting your eyes at the night.


7. Evvr Pad S home Automation Control Pad

You may have heard of various smart home systems that people are installing nowadays. From smart lights to smart heating and cooling systems, smart security systems, and much more.

You install several of these smart systems and then have to fumble with various different apps and control panels for each system, or you could use the Everr Pad S home automation control pad. This centralizes all the different voice and touches controls required to control the different systems in your home.

8. Dremel 8260 Brushless Smart Rotary Tool

A rotary tool is an immensely useful device for home improvements and many other DIY projects. Dremel is one of the leading manufacturers of rotary tools, and the Dremel 8260 is one of their smartest models yet.

It literally is a smart device – there is a companion app for your phone, which can be used to view the tool’s performance data (handy for ensuring it doesn’t have any hidden faults). What is more, this is a cordless tool, and can still deliver 20% more power, and cut 20% faster than corded models.

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