Home Maintenance in the Holidays: What Should You Check?

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Christmas is coming, and so is the cold season. This means that more families will be staying inside to enjoy the warmth of the home with their loved ones.

People will relax near the fire and eat or drink warm foods and beverages to make the most of the chilly temperature outside. Because of this, we all have to make sure that the home is ready to keep us all warm and safe for winter.

Even before December arrives, we have to start planning the necessary repairs to be done. A residential local electrician from BroadBeach will ensure that problems are detected early and keep us worry-free when services are difficult to get a hold of once the cold settles in. Here are some parts of the home that you should check for repair as early as possible.

HVAC System

Your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) system may be working 24/7 during most of the winter, so you have to get it checked for any damages. Older models may have to be replaced to ensure that they can provide you with heat for the cold days.

However, others may only need minor repairs like cleaning the ducts or changing the filters to maintain them correctly. Contact a local HVAC contract to examine your system and give you tips on maintaining it for more years to come.


Roof and Gutters

The roof and gutters are constantly exposed to the elements, meaning that they can start deteriorating even before you can prepare for it. Check the condition of the roof first. Ensure that there are no damages like leaks, missing shingles, or dips on some areas where ice or water can seep into and cause more problems.

Your gutters should be cleaned from debris to ensure that they don’t get clogged by snow and ice. Ice dams may be a problem, but there are some preventive solutions that you can take.


The water in your home’s pipes may freeze and cause the pipes to burst. To avoid this, make sure to turn off the valves of the pipes running to outdoor faucets and contact a reputed service provider of pipe repair in Seattle.

You may also install heat tape on the pipes outside to prevent them from freezing as quickly. Pipes on the inside may start to freeze as well. Ensure that they receive some warmth from your heating system by keeping them exposed, especially if they are hidden in cabinets.

Fireplace and Chimney

If you are using your fireplace, you should get it cleaned first. Have the tar-like residue and soot removed from the insides of your fireplace and chimney, as these are dangerous and highly flammable?. Check that there are no blockages like bird’s nests and consider installing chimney caps.


Your oven may also be overworked for the preparation of your Christmas dinner. So now is the best time to deep clean your oven. Baking soda is your friend in many cleaning jobs, and this is no different.

A mixture of baking soda and water will make a paste that you can apply and leave on the insides of your oven overnight to remove the toughest grimes and stains. Vinegar can also be added for added effectiveness.

Electric Wiring

Electric wires in the home are susceptible to damage from pests, water, and wear and tear. This can threaten our safety as they may cause fires or electrocute people who accidentally touch exposed wires. Have a licensed local electrician from Wamberal for assessing the efficiency of your home’s electric system and ensure that it is working well. This will not only help to keep you safe for the holiday but also many months after. Has this system been checked at least once every three years?


You may want to add a warm ambiance to your home for the coming holiday. To do this, you may switch your stark white bulbs to more yellowish ones that can give a cozy feel.

Outdoor lights, on the other hand, should be kept bright and clear for security reasons. This should help deter criminal attempts of home entry. For added safety, make sure that your surveillance system is working correctly.

All of these repairs should be done before the cold arrives. When you are unprepared, anything can go wrong and get worse just in time to ruin your Christmas. So it is better to start getting ready now and enjoy the holidays with your entire family.

Keep in mind that the most critical repairs are the ones that may pose a threat to your family’s safety. These should be fixed immediately to make way for the other maintenance and decorations that will add to the joy of the Christmas holiday.

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