Some Home Makeover Tips Are Easy To Made

Today’s tight economy might make homeowners put off any remodeling projects. But even with a small budget, big-impact changes can be within your reach.

The key to giving your home a fresh, new look is to use big-ticket items such as tile or new furniture sparingly and drench your space with big-impact changes that won’t break the bank.

Paint, fabric and a little bit of imagination can be all you need to transform your home into the place of your dreams.

Erase Dated Colors

If your kitchen sends you spinning back in time to the 1970s, a paint job can easily bring it back, even if you’re living with almond or avocado appliances.

Both the refrigerator and stove can be spray painted a sleek black (use a heavy-duty automobile paint for more durability). Just take care to spray paint slowly and evenly over your surface, and tape over any accent pieces before you start.

Dingy laminate countertops can also be painted, as long as you prime clean countertops first with a bonding primer, and follow up with several coats of sealer. Painting won’t last as long as replacement countertops but will give you an update that will last until you can afford new countertops.

Try Faux Finishes

To make your room pop, consider faux finishes, which make a huge impact when it comes to style, but don’t cost much more than a bucket of traditional paint.

Venetian plaster comes in a wide array of colors including gray, gold and chocolate, and creates a textured look that makes an eye-catching splash.

Metallic paints are also a great choice for updating a room, from a rust-colored dining room to an electric blue bathroom.

Refresh Tired Furniture

A coat of paint in a contemporary color like gloss black or gloss white can turn an aged table into a piece you love. Sand well before starting, and prime before painting to ensure your color stays put under wear and tear.

Throw pillows and blankets can be tossed on older chairs or sofas to jazz them up if you don’t trust your sewing skills, but if you do, a staple gun and several yards of fabric can turn a mismatched chair into the best seat in the house.

Jazz Up Walls With Art

Just one new piece of art can give a room polish and creative flair.

For wall art, an accomplished artist can create his or her own works, or visit online art sites such as, where a variety of prints ranging from floral photography to art posters are available for as low as $10. The pieces can be ordered framed, or homeowners can scour resale shops and yard sales to find affordable frames to match.

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