5 House Makeover Ideas To Consider

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Is it time to give our house a makeover that reflects our style? To do so, we must plan before the shopping and decorating stages. Are we going for cozy comfort or sleek sophistication?

Whatever personal styles, there are a lot of creative decorating ideas that you can easily make into a reality. Here are some areas to focus on to make our house a place we love coming home to.

Creating a Comfortable Bedroom Environment

The bedroom is one space in the home that enormously impacts our personal satisfaction. We can consider it a sanctuary for rest, privacy, and relaxation, all of which are important for our overall well-being. If we plan  to design a comfortable environment in any area of the home, there are five elements to concentrate on:

  • Mattress and bedding
  • Colors
  • Lighting
  • Temperature
  • Noise reduction

It is obvious that the mattress and bedding are critical aspects of creating a healing and restful bedroom environment. But we should also consider how colors and lighting are also significant factors to help enhance sleep. By focusing on all these factors above, we can design a bedroom for overall comfort and relaxation.

1. Mattress and Bedding

In the bedroom, the bed takes up more floor space than any of the other furnishings. Consider what size we want when purchasing a new bed, even before considering the mattress type and brand. Before shopping, consider mattress thickness, desired sleeping position, and body weight. Our sleep success depends on it. Regardless of our weight, select the mattress based on material type. Some material types we’ll find are latex, foam, and coils.

More than anything, we make choices that work for ourselves, our spouse, or our children in each bedroom environment. Whether looking to buy a luxury, elegant or traditional bed frame and mattress, there are several brands that can meet everyone’s needs. Mattresses aren’t cheap, but our investments in a quality mattress will last many years. Quality brand mattresses use premium Talalay-latex that contains natural rubber. This type of mattress automatically contours to our body. From cotton and wool to pocketed coil.

PranaSleep mattress is another top mattress brand that provides luxurious comfort. We also carry a full line of Beautyrest mattresses and other leading brands. Once we have decided on the mattress, don’t forget other components that will provide additional body support. Pillows support the neck and head and help with the alignment of our spine. For more relaxation, don’t be afraid to splurge on high-quality bedding, including comforters, duvet covers, sheet sets, and throw blankets.

2. Color Schemes

Next, we’ll want to select a color scheme for our bedroom. For the colors of our walls, furnishings, and bedding, select cool colors to promote restful sleep. Choosing the right color scheme for the bedroom can contribute to:

  • Stress reduction
  • Lower blood pressure
  • Relaxation
  • Balance
  • Mindfulness

Wondering which colors are best for a restful sleep? Cool colors like green and blue are relaxing. We can also consider beige, blue, green, pink, or white. Sleep professionals believe blue has a calming effect on the nervous system, while white is a color that helps minimize distraction to enable relaxation.

3. Lighting

Lighting provided during the day from the sun has a natural effect on the brain. The brain produces the hormone cortisol, helping us remain alert in the daytime. At nighttime, darkness naturally prompts the body to produce the hormone melatonin, which stimulates sleep and relaxation effects.

When we use artificial lights at night, especially those with blue tones, it can make it difficult for us to fall asleep. Avoid watching the television and using smartphones before bed, and keep the lighting dimmed to help produce a sleepy feeling.

4. Temperature

Everybody’s body temperature and temperature tolerance are different. Some sleep specialists believe it is best to keep the room at 65 degrees Fahrenheit, but that is not always possible. In the summertime, when the heat is extreme, consider using fans.

If utility cost is an issue, set the thermostat at 75 degrees Fahrenheit. If our spouses or partners sleep well at 75 degrees Fahrenheit or higher, we may be uncomfortably warm. A traditional mattress may be contributing to feeling hotter.

Mattresses with cooling system technologies that can keep our temperature cool during the summer and warm in the winter. A Casper Mattress with a cooling system, such as Casper Airspace, allows sleepers to feel cooler. We get the support our body needs for natural, quality sleeping at night, and our body stays at a comfortable temperature.

The right linens and other bedding items can also help moderate our temperature. Choose comforter sets and duvet coverings designed for different seasons and rotate them throughout the year.

5. Noise reduction

Noise invading the bedroom interferes with sleep. We can keep noise at a minimum or eliminate it together. One simple way to accomplish this is to keep the television out of the bedroom.

If the bedroom will be the sanctuary for relaxation, why have a distraction like the TV? Keep a particular space in the home for entertainment. It can be the living area or the family room, or both.

We may want to include a stereo system in the bedroom. Listening to soothing music at a low volume can enhance our ability to fall asleep. Music helps to relieve stress, anxiety, and pain. Alternatively, we can play white noise or nature sounds to promote sleep.

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