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If you plan to do some masonry works, grout is essential. But many people are asking how long does it take to dry grout. The drying time of grout depends on its type and how it is used. To be successfully applied, grout must be allowed to dry for a reasonable period; otherwise, your efforts would be in vain.

On average, grout takes 24 to 72 hours to dry. The time it takes to dry a specific object highly depends on the type, humidity levels, and whether it is being dried outside or indoors. Most experts suggest waiting three to seven days before exposing it to humidity.

How Long Does Grout Take to Dry?

What Exactly Is Grout?

Grout is a mixture of sand, cement, and water commonly used in masonry works, sealing of joints, and filling gaps. It is applied in stone walls and the reinforcement of concrete. Tiles is essential when installing kitchen tiles so that it will attach on the floor. Also, showers with tiles use a grout mixture. The types of grout include resin grout, tiling grout, thixotropic grout, non-shrink grout, and flooring grout.

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Drying of Different Grout

There are various grouts available, and how long they take to dry.

Epoxy Grout

This grout is more challenging to work with and more expensive. Its longevity and efficiency, however, make it worthwhile. It resists stains, grease, and oxidation, allowing it to last longer. If you will use epoxy grout, there’s no need to do some sealing. The drying time is about twenty-four hours.

Cementitious Grout 

The key component of this grout is cement. Grout with a sand-like texture is widely used in residential projects. It, like natural cement, must be combined with water before use. The water-absorbent additive in cement grout will ultimately prevent it from absorbing too much moisture. Thus, it takes about 72 hours to dry, which is longer than other types of grout.

Furan grout is typically practical when used in industrial projects. It’s almost the same as epoxy grout in terms of toughness and resistance. Furan grout comprises fortified alcohol polymers. On average, it will take an entire day to dry.

Furan Grout

Overall, the easiest way to figure out how long grout will take to dry is to look at the box’s instruction manual. Experts recommend going past the manufacturer’s suggested time to ensure the grout’s efficacy and adhesiveness.

Factors That Affect the Drying Time of Grout

  • The type of grout used

This is the most crucial factor in determining how long a grout takes to dry. What if you did not know what kind of grout you were using? Manufacturers always specify what type of grout to use and how long it takes to dry, so look for that in the instruction manual. However, because the stated drying time does not apply to all conditions, always allow additional drying time before using the grout.

  • Humidity

The humidity level in the room determines the time it takes for grout to dry. The humidity in a bathroom is much higher than in the rest of the house because of moisture. The grout will dry longer in the bathroom than it would in a living room. In terms of climate, grout takes longer to dry in the tropics than in dry climates. You can control the humidity in your room with a dehumidifier, an air conditioner, or an electric fan.

A dehumidifier – Image by Heathline

How To Apply Grout Successfully

  • Let the tiles dry correctly

If the tile adhesive isn’t completely dry, it can bleed through the grout, ruining its appearance. You may also come across loose tiles, which can wreak havoc on a well-done grout job. Depending on how the tiles were installed, it can take two to five days to completely dry. Waiting may be inconvenient, but you’ll save time and effort in the long run by not having to redo your grouting.

  • Let the grout dry

Allow at least one night for your grout to dry or longer if the manufacturer recommends it. Because different grout mixes take different amounts of time to dry, follow the package instructions for a perfect finish.

  • Use Appliances To Dry Faster

You can use a variety of household appliances to dry out grout. Dehumidifiers, air conditioners, and electric fans can all help.

  • Remove Excess Grout

Wipe away any excess while it’s still drying. Repeat the process after 15 to 30 minutes of grouting the tile. Because grout is made to last, it’s easier to remove excess grout while it’s still settling than it is once it’s dry. With a wet sponge, wipe away the excess.

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How to Make Grout Dry Faster

  1. The essential thing to do is keep the air dry, so use the air conditioner or the dehumidifier. The moisture content of the air can be decreased, which will reduce drying time.
  2. Turn on a fan to distribute air across the floor or walls.
  3. Do not put plants inside the room. If there are plants, place them outside the room.
  4. The grout should be protected if exposed to the elements such as rain, snow, or humidity.

How To Clean Grout

Grout cleaning is difficult because of the material’s porous nature. To prevent dirt and filth from accumulating, it is recommended that new grouts be sealed. There are many sealants available, but research to find the best seal for your grout. On the market, there is a slew of grout-cleaning products. On the internet, you might find a solution to your grout problem.

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Final Thoughts

If your bathroom’s ceramic didn’t have grout, it would be less valuable. Knowing how long grout takes to dry is important because walking on it before it is scorched will ruin the grout job and reduce the flooring’s efficiency.

When grouting, always follow the manufacturer’s instructions. Some people recommend drying for 24 hours, while others recommend drying for up to 10 days. As a result, double-checking is essential.

Cement-based grout takes 24-72 hours to cure, whereas epoxy and furan grouts only take 24 hours to heal. Wait longer than the manufacturer’s drying time recommended on the label to achieve the best result.

How Long Does Grout Take to Dry?