How Many Screws Should You Put per Deck Board?

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Installing a deck is one of the great ways to expand the value of your home and enhance your living space. In addition, the deck confers complete outdoor comfort for house owners who like to arrange parties frequently. That’s why a maximum number of people intend to have a deck.

For adding a deck, almost all house owners hire a professional deck installer. But this task can be done at your own, if you know the proper measurement of screws per deck board. We are often asked by many people who want to know how many screws should be put per deck board.

Basically, it relies on the size of your deck board, and what types of screws you are going to use. Apart from that, there are also many other things that should be contemplated first. To get details regarding the query, read out the context with full of intent.

How Many Screws Should You Put per Deck Board?

It is one of the most typical questions that we are often asked by a significant number of people. But, answering the question is not as easy as you think. There are a couple of things that should be contemplated before perceiving it.

But, in general, you may need 350 screws for 100 square feet of the deck surface.  You’ll be able to apply the measurement only with standard 6 inch wide boards and 16-inch speed joists.

You may have done the same work with fewer screws with most hidden clip fastener systems. 175 screws will be needed for the same square feet. However, it is just a general count that may increase or decrease. For getting a proper answer regarding the topic you must consider the below things.

Consider These Things To Know How Many Screws You Need

We have illustrated a few things below that should be taken into consideration if you are supposed to know how many screws you need to install a deck. Here they are.

1. Deck Measurement

You have to contemplate the deck measurement first including its height, width, and length. If your deck is comparatively bigger, then you’ll need to put more screws.

2. Board Spacing

Deck board spacing means what? The question may come to your mind. Well, board spacing indicates the adequate spacing between boards for occasional shrinking, or proliferation because of temperature changes. If you intend to keep more space, then more screws will be needed.

3. Board Width

Deck board width is another thing that should be taken into account to estimate how many screws actually you need. Usually, 4-inches to 8-inch width deck boards are used by the maximum number of people.

4. Joist Spacing/Frame

Like board width, joist spacing, or the frame of the deck board also need to be considered first to count the screws. Joint space ascertains how strong the deck boards will be. If you wish to keep more space between the joists, you may need to use more screws.

5. Screw Each Decking Board

You have to estimate how many screws will be used per decking board. A considerable number of boards require 2 screws per to fix them firmly into the floor joist. Many experts suggest using at least 3 screws while adding a deck in the borderline.

6. Hidden Fasteners Systems

Hidden Fastener is a different system that doesn’t follow the conventional way of installing a decking board. Clips are used in the system to insert the gutters of the deck board. So, how many screws you need varies on the different types of fasteners and clips.

What Types of Screws Do You Need for Decking?

selecting screws while decking is a crucial thing that should be done carefully as the stability and safety depend on screws types. In this segment, we have given a list of different types of screws that will help you find the right one.

Stainless Steel Screw

Selecting Stainless Steel screws will be the perfect selection for ensuring decking stability. But, before choosing this type of screws, make sure that it is Corrode, Rust-resistant, & Moist.

Decking Screw Heads

If you are looking for quality screws, you can select Star Head, Square Head, or Philip Head. We can especially mention the Green Deck Screw names that are manufactured by the Philip brand and they maintain the quality.

Threaded Screws

For stable decking, you can also choose threaded screws. The more you will use threaded screws, the more robust the grip will be.

Invisible Color Screws

We always try to hide the screws when installing deck boards, right? Excessive use of colorful screws can affect the beauty of your deck board. That’s why we recommend having screws with a dim color that match your cupboard color.

A Complete Guideline of Buying Screws

Before purchasing quality screws, you have to consider a few things. Here we have a guideline for purchasing screws that will be beneficial for you.

1. Metal & Build Quality

What metals have been used on it should be checked first. Besides, you have to check the durability of a screw. But, how do you know what metal has been used? Well, while purchasing, try to purchase renowned brand screws and make sure that the screws you are going to purchase are made of stainless steel.

2. Using Purpose

You need to consider for which purposes you’ll use the screws. For instance, if you would like to use screws on a hard or medium surface, you have to buy stronger and harder screws; otherwise, they can be damaged while putting up.

3. Corrosion Resistant Feature

All screws don’t come with Corrosion Resistance features. That’s why you have to select one that holds the features that are suitable with lumber & composite wood.

Final Thought

How many screws you need to put on a board deck depends on multiple things that we have already mentioned above. In short, you have to consider the dimension of the deck board, board spacing, board width, joist space, screw per decking board, and hidden fastener systems to calculate the number of screws you need to put on a board deck.