How Much Does a Gallon of Paint Weigh?

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If you are planning to start a painting job, you must know the quantity of paint you will need for the entire project. You may wonder why it is necessary to know the weight of paint per gallon. We know that paint is measured by pint, liter, or gallon. 

The weight of paint in a gallon is about six to twelve pounds. But may also depend on the paint. It means that different paints have different weights and densities. You must know the weight, especially if you will transport it.

Knowing the weight is the first step in computing the amount of paint you will need. Next is to choose the paint. 

How to compute the weight per gallon?

We use gallons to measure the volume. That is why we need to convert it to density measurement by determining gravity. The standard computation to determine the paint’s gravity is to multiply it by 8.345. The result is in pounds/gallon. 

How much does a 1 gallon of paint weigh?

As mentioned above, the weight varies on the type of paint. If you’re good at math, try doing the computation to know the gravity. Otherwise, here’s the weight of specific paints you can find in the label of the product.

  • One gallon of enamel paint weighs 11 pounds
  • A gallon of oil-based paint weighs 6.7 pounds
  • Per gallon of acrylic paint weighs 11 to 12 pounds
How Much Does a Gallon of Paint Weigh?

How many pounds do 5 gallons of paint weigh?

For instance, a gallon of latex paint weighs 11.2 pounds. So, if you have five gallons of latex paint, the total weight would be 56 pounds. Adding the weight of the paint bucket by more than 10 pounds. The pigment of the paint also affects the weight. 

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How Much Does a Gallon of Paint Weigh (All Types)

Paint is available in two categories such as oil-based and water as base. Included in the formulation of paint is the pigment integrated into the liquid. As the name implies, the key ingredient of oil-based paint is solvent or oil, and water for the water-based paint. The former is lighter than the latter. 

  • Latex paint

This paint is common for home improvement and construction projects. It’s because this paint dries quickly and easy to clean up, making it a good option to use for different painting jobs. It has less effect on the surroundings because it is non-toxic. Latex paint has no harmful fumes. 

One gallon of this paint weighs about 11.3 lbs. It can cover approximately 400 sq.ft. for the single coating. It means that the weight of paint you need depends on the coverage of the painting job you need to carry out. 

The weight of the water-based paint decreases once the water starts to evaporate. Once a latex paint dries, it weighs about four pounds. The weight of the paint affects the finish of the covered area. 

  • Oil-based paint

The pigment present in oil-based paint integrates with the alkyd or the synthetic solvent or in natural linseed oil. The consistency improves by adding mineral spirits or paint thinner. But remember that oil-based paint carries higher toxins. Thus, it requires proper ventilation during the painting job. 

With oil-based paint, the weight varies on factors such as the color and the base. Some colors need more pigment, but still, oil-based paint is lighter than the other types because of the low water density. The weight of a gallon of this paint is 6.7 pounds. It can also cover 400 square feet. The weight of dry paint is lower. 

  • Acrylic paint

Like latex paint, acrylic paint is also water-based and made of acrylic resin. Very common to use for craft and art projects. You can clean up acrylic paint by using acetone. It has a similar weight to latex paint. One liter of this paint weighs approximately three pounds. A gallon weighs 11 to 12 pounds. But since acrylic has a thicker consistency, the area covered is smaller than the latex paint. 

  • Enamel paint

This paint is used for RVs, boats, and cars. It comes in different varieties of paints. It is difficult to determine the specific weight of enamel paint because of its broad category. A gallon of automotive enamel weighs approximately 11 pounds. But also varies depending on the color and brand. When it dries up, the weight is significantly less. 

What is the weight of one pint?

A pint of paint is equivalent to one pound and a quart is two pints. Thus, there are two pounds in a quart. If a gallon of paint is equivalent to four quarts, it means the weight of a gallon of paint is eight pounds. 

What is the weight of one gallon of latex paint after the evaporation of water?

Approximately 50% of the mixture of latex paint is water. A gallon of paint contains 8.345 pounds of water, but the weight of water alone is 4.17 pounds. When the water evaporates, the paint will dry and the remaining paint would be a little more than four pounds. 

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Final Thoughts

For some, knowing the weight of paint per gallon is nonsense. But in a way, it also helps to determine the amount of paint you will need for a certain project. Not all know how to identify the weight. In fact, the first thing to do is to check the label of the paint to know the weight. 

Considering the information discussed above, there is no specific computation. Rather, the weight depends on several factors including the type and color you will use. The bottom line is, you will determine the weight according to the painting project. 

The weight decreases after the paint evaporates and dries up completely. However, the coat of paint that dries up has a specific weight that affects the surface or objects you are painting. You may not notice the impact of the weight when painting the ceiling or wall. But when painting objects, you will notice the paint’s weight adds up to the object.

How Much Does a Gallon of Paint Weigh?