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When building, it is essential to pay attention to the entrances to houses as they are like the home’s calling card. Its design and materials must gain strength and personality to maintain a harmonious composition in architecture.

There, naturally, we put some sensations so that visitors can see how the interior of the house works and what the style of decoration is.

As it is a place that demonstrates the tastes of residents, it must compose some elements that mark this space, even if it is in a simple way. The most used adornments are vases, plants, sculptures, water fountains, and rugs. However, home gate landscaping plays a key role in making this space more inviting and with more fluid access.

Doors are essential elements in any home. They guarantee security, privacy and can even be amazing decorative elements. Its door can be sliding, pivoting, or the classic open model. The important thing is to choose the one that best matches the style of your building.

Doors can decorate living rooms, kitchens, bedrooms, bathrooms, offices, and any room in your home. The opening door is a more common model and needs hinges and a stop to be fixed. It is widely used indoors, for dividing different rooms. The sliding door is charming and elegant. It needs rails to open and close and is great for optimizing small space.

The pivoting door, in turn, is the most differentiated and widely used in modern aesthetics. It is similar to the opening door, but it needs pins to support it for movement, so the two ends are apparent when opened. This is an excellent option for entering elegant apartments.

For a rustic style, you can also opt for wooden door models. At Leroy Merlin, you can find dark or light wood for all decorations. Glass doors are also recurring choices as they are versatile and contribute to a bright environment. Choose your favorite!

Harmonize Your Window With The Rest Of The Decor.

Windows are essential for lighting any building. They are fundamental elements that allow air circulation and connect the external environment with your home. They can be large and majestic to ensure good entry of sunlight and wind. These models look great in large rooms and also work as amazing decor items, especially accompanied by beautiful curtains.

The most important thing is to choose your window model in harmony with the rest of the environment. A wooden window, for example, is the ideal choice for rustic living rooms and bedrooms, as they are a subtle touch that complements the space’s sober aesthetic.

For these windows, white and beige curtains are interesting choices as they contrast with the tone of the wood. The aluminum windows are light and practical, being easy to clean and maintain. Aluminum is a flexible material that can be wetted without problems, being widely used in kitchen decoration and leisure areas.

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Decorate Your Facade With A Beautiful Gate.


Gates can be the main decorative element of your home’s entrance. They guarantee security and give the space personality. At Leroy Merlin, you will find models of wooden or metal garage gates in sliding or opening formats.

The hinged garage door is the most practical, as it only needs to be raised for the entrance to be free. It doesn’t occupy lateral areas, optimizes the space of your terrain, and can be electronic, which allows opening and closing with the help of a control. The social gate can also have electronic devices that facilitate day-to-day circulation. Check out the models we have separated for you!

Learn To Take Care Of Your Doors So They Can Capture And Transmit Positive Energy To Your Home.

The house has very important points in its structure, construction, and composition. What most draws the attention of a property, be it a house or a building is the facade and entrance. When we look at a building that captures our gaze, we often let out a sigh or exclamation: “Wow! What a nice house!” or “What a beautiful building!”

And we always look at the entrance, at the gate, at the door. In Feng Shui, the entrance to the house and, mainly, the entrance door has the energy of a portal, as it marks the transition between the external and the internal world.

The door makes the passage to the home, to the refuge, and is responsible for the entry and conduction of chi, the vital energy, into the house.

Always remember to enter the front door for the power of managing your life. Feng Shui recommends not entering a service door, as this indicates submission, nonsensical twists, and lack of self-esteem.

Colors For Good Luck And Front Door Protection.

It is possible to apply colors to the doors according to Feng Shui. Red is very suitable for the entrance door, as it is a color of good luck, happiness, protection, and good wishes in Feng Shui. However, you should like the color and feel good about it regardless of any indication.

You can also choose the door color according to your location in the guard. At work, it can be navy blue; for friends, it may be white or light gray and for spirituality, it may be green or purple. Click here to read more.