How To Choose The Right Size Cabinet Pulls (Must-Try Steps)

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Cabinet pulls are essential tools when you remodel your kitchen and bathroom as they have easier grips and bigger sizes than knobs. In addition, the suitable designs highlight your space and offer a balance of function for your cabinet hardware. However, various cabinet pulls on the showcase may lead to a challenging option for beginners. But, if you are wondering how to choose the right size cabinet pulls to decorate your room, you come to the right place. This article offers you some helpful steps to clear your path.


How To Choose The Right Size Cabinet Pulls

Cabinet hardware sizes vary depending on your style and plan inclinations. However, choosing the right cabinet pull sizes is vital as it highlights your kitchen and promotes a smoother cooking flow. 

With bar pull sizes, specialists measure them by the center-to-center estimation, meaning the distance between the two holes or screw gaps. If you have pre-holed cabinetry, it is best to buy equipment that suits the current center-to-center estimation. 

If you wonder how to choose the right size cabinet pulls, here are some standard rules to follow.

  • With standard size cabinetry measuring from 12 inches to 36 inches, the most suitable pull sizes are 3 or 4 inches.
  • For smaller cabinetry under 12 inches, including spice stands, it is advisable to use more minor pulls around 1″ in breadth or T-pulls. 
  • With oversized cabinetry measuring 36 inches or larger, like cabinets for built-in machines, the best solution is to choose longer length pulls such as 8″, 10″, 12″ center-to-center, or bigger than typical knobs.

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How To Choose The Appropriate Cabinet Pulls

Deciding the appropriate pull size is essential, but do you know that finding suitable cabinet pulls also plays a significant role in the function and look of your cabinet?

To discover the best-suited cabinet pulls, consider 2 factors below:


Decide the proper kinds of cabinet pulls

The first step is to examine the appropriate types of cabinet pulls you desire because each of them brings you different functions. Therefore, let’s go over some common types and see how they offer you specific benefits. 

Only pulls

Cabinets with only a pull design create a modern and stylish look. Therefore, it is advisable to choose stainless-steel and hardened cabinet pulls to grip easier and extend the lifespan of your product.

Cup pulls

Cup pulls are prominent with the half circles’ designs, which you open by reaching underneath and pulling out. They are one of the preferable types thanks to their convenience and easy-to-use function. They are also excellent choices for many contemporary spaces with various sizes accessible to suit different styles. 

In general, the longer the cup pull is, the more modern the appearance is. Therefore, choosing these types from 3 to 4 inches is best to make your cabinet and kitchen look luxurious and elegant.


Only knobs

Cabinets that only highlight knobs are less expensive than other types. In addition, they are more straightforward to install because they only need one hole to be entered into the cabinet. 

Moreover, you can add this kind to different appliances such as cabinet doors or big drawers. However, cabinet drawers are heavier than doors, which requires extra handles drawers for ease of use. Installing this kind brings your kitchen an attractive appearance. 

Both knobs and pulls

Both knobs and pull designs highlight your space with a stylish look. Generally, knobs are suitable for installing on doors, while pulls are typically installed on drawers. Depending on your favorite style, you can blend them appropriately to make your kitchen stand out from the crowd. 

Finger pulls

Finger pulls are a contemporary cabinet design, which gives you a luxury kitchen. They are usually screwed into the top, back, or side of a cabinet door with a piece of metal. This metal enfolds around the front of the cabinet door to create the pull with ease.

Bar pulls

Bar pulls are one of the most widespread kinds, which features a long bar adhered by one or two points to the cabinet. They can function as a handle to a drawer or open a cabinet door. They suit various cabinet door styles, from traditional to modern, as there is a wide option of sizes, varieties, and styles on the showcase.

Appliance pulls

Appliance pulls closely resemble a bigger version of bar pulls. They are characterized by a long bar attached by two points to the cabinet. There are different sizes from 12” long to 18” long. More minor cabinetry suits with 12 inches long while bigger ones usually fit 18 inches or longer.

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Select the suitable hardware finish according to your cabinetry

For white and light-textured and colored cabinets, a darker finish with less brightness, like brushed stainless steel, will be more appropriate. Meanwhile, with the cabinets featuring darker colors, a lighter finish like polished stainless steel will be the better option to highlight your kitchen.


With these helpful steps above, we hope this article helps you master how to choose the right size cabinet pulls by yourself. In general, it pays to check the desired types of pulls before purchasing any items. Always check the size of your cabinetry and choose the most suitable hardware finish to highlight your kitchen effectively. 

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