How To Decorate A Large Wall: 13 Best Ideas For Impressive Rooms

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Dressing up your room could be way more challenging, especially if your walls are enormous. Most of the time, we don’t know what to put on those oversized walls or how to make things look harmonious. If you’re also struggling with how to decorate a large wall, then our post would be the perfect reference. 

Try these 13 suggestions below and see for yourself. 

13 Fantastic Ideas Of How To Decorate A Large Wall

1. Hang pieces of art

The most effortless method to bring your large wall to life is to hang pieces of art at affordable prices like products from These paintings would quickly draw your attention, fill in the blanks, and deliver your spirits.

There is no better way to state your personality than having appealing art on your wall. Whether your concept is abstract or modern, minimalistic or subversive, decorating your wall with an art piece could solve it all. 

One tip is the more extensive the wall is, the larger the pieces of art should be. Feel free to experience different textures, colors, and themes. You indeed find one that suits your style.

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2. Hang a large blanket or curtain

If art is too popular, consider using oversize quilts or curtains instead. It is also an effective method to decorate your wall. 

Not only do they work as a soundproof layer, but they can also soften the overall look of the room. Quilts, tapestry, and curtains are versatile, too: Different kinds of prints or patterns could easily give your wall unique vibes.

How To Decorate A Large Wall: 13 Best Ideas For Impressive Rooms
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3. Use a leaning mirror

We all know how mirrors can make your room look larger. But do you know it can also fill in a large wall? Rather than hanging stuff on the wall, putting a leaning item can be much portable as you can quickly move it around the house.

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4. Try making a curated gallery wall

If you’re all about memory, a gallery wall could be an ideal option. Many love this decor idea as it could handle any living room. Feel free to collect various photos of your family or any pieces you adore.

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Watch how to put together a curated gallery wall here:

5. Create a magazine holder

All you have to possess is a collection of newspapers and magazines. Just buy or hand-make a magazine holder. It would be an excellent alternative, especially for those little empty areas on your wall.

6. Transform your wall using temporary wallpapers

Temporary wallpapers are fantastic for those who don’t like to hang stuff yet prefer changing their room’s appearance once in a while.

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They come in various colors, patterns, styles, and themes, making sure you’ll find ones that suit. And the most insane part is you can easily remove these wallpapers and put on a new one!

7. Make a cottage on the wall

A wall cottage is a well-known decoration savior for those who love switching up and trying different inspirations. Just select all of your favorite pieces of magazines and tape them on! 

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8. Have fixed/floating shelves/racks 

Most of the time, only hanging photos and decors cannot fit your wall’s length. It is best to install floating shelves or a standard bookcase to solve this issue. It is one of the most simple yet effective tricks in this situation. 

How To Decorate A Large Wall: 13 Best Ideas For Impressive Rooms
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Now, you will have more surfaces to store books and other items. Putting a few inspirational, self-motivational pieces or small family frames is also a brilliant idea.

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9. Set up scones 

Sometimes, lighting is all you need. Installing wall lighting will create an exceptional visual appeal, especially if it is under pictures or paintings. Not only does it balance the whole look, but it also brings a symmetrical sense to your room. 

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Also, having a few scones on a plain wall with all the light uniting at the central spot could create a fun visual effect. Your room would look stunning and unique. 

10. Install hanging plants

Having hanging plants would be a nice space-filling and environmental-friendly trick. Plants like Monstera, English Ivy, Chenille, Orchid, and Pothos will give off a lush and greenery appearance and also add an organic vibe to the atmosphere.

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In case you’re a plant lover, try a wall full of plants like succulents (a.k.a, a living wall). The final result will shock you owing to the luxuriant and fresh appeal. 

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11. Install neon lights

Setting up neon lights has been a significant trend of the young recently. As the name implies, feel free to hang neon words on your wall. The phrase could either be your favorite quotes, your name, or anything you are thinking about.

How To Decorate A Large Wall: 13 Best Ideas For Impressive Rooms
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12. Set up a vision board

A vision board is also a new-generation item. It usually includes visual depictions and photos of your desired goals. The goals could be what you wish to achieve, gain, or a particular life status they want. 

The vision boards are usually hand-made and customizable items, either big or small. But what draws the young into this trend is that vision boards play such a significant role in orienting the future, motivating people, and driving actions and intentions. 

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Setting up a vision board on your wall helps you in productivity and boosts the aesthetic of your room. Feel free to create your boards and achieve your dreams.

13. Hang your basket

Last but not least, we have a new trend of the modest and minimalists: hanging baskets. In most cases, we prefer using woven baskets that are shallow and round.

How To Decorate A Large Wall: 13 Best Ideas For Impressive Rooms
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Not only do they give a country vibe to the room, but they also add more textures to your oversize plain wall. Especially if you have rectangular windows or straight-lined decor items, the combination would be even better. 

Another tip is to experience baskets in different colors for extra fun and creativity. 

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So, now you know how to decorate a large wall with our 13 tricks and items. Feel free to play around and see which one matches your vibe and style. We bet you could easily enliven your room.