How To Distinguish Between Flat And Satin Paint



Painting the walls of your apartment or house is one of the things that could raise your satisfaction considerably. 

People often need a change in their environment to function properly or boost their motivation and satisfaction. And painting the walls of their homes is something everyone does every few years. 

Even though you may not paint the walls yourself but contract a painting company. there still are a few decisions you need to make. 

And choosing the type of paint is one of them. Technology has evolved tremendously in this sector too and nowadays you have many colors, hues, and types of paint to choose from. Each of them comes with advantages and disadvantages, and this is also the case with flat and satin paints. 

Paint is a nice way to make your rooms look great, but you could also paint the exterior of your house or business. And this might make the decision even more difficult, as you need durable paint for outside walls. 

So, flat versus satin paint. Which one to choose? What are their advantages and disadvantages? Find out below. 

Differences Between Flat And Satin Paints

Even though you may think that there are no big differences between these two types of paint, in fact, there are. The main difference between these two is that satin paints have a specific glow or shine when touched by the light. while flat paints have none. 

This is a crucial thing to consider whenever you want to paint the walls of your house, room, or business and it will surely help you make the best decision. 

For example, if you want to paint the outside walls of your house, you need to carefully choose the type of paint you want to use. Because the weather conditions are changing from season to season, you need to choose a durable and moisture-resistant type of paint. 

Which in this case is satin paint. Compared with flat paints which are easier to apply, satin paints are more difficult to apply. But they offer your walls higher protection, especially during rainy and cold seasons. 

At the same time, satin paint resists scrubbing, while flat paint does not. It is therefore important to choose satin paint for rooms where there is always an activity or that are used by many people, such as bathrooms, kitchens, or the hardworking rooms.

It may sound that choosing the right paint is easy, but there are a few more differences to consider. And besides the difference of gloss or sheen between them. There is another important one. When you apply flat paint on walls. You can use it as a method to mask walls’ imperfections. 

On the other hand, if you apply satin paint, they will be easily observable. And if you want your room to look perfect when you have imperfect walls. You need to either work on the walls before applying the paint or choose to apply flat paint. 

A satin paint will highlight all the cracks or patches that are on your walls. So make sure you check your walls’ situation before choosing the paint. 

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More Details About The Flat Paint

Flat paint is one of the most popular and used types of paint in the world. It is easy to apply and it covers imperfections, so many people choose it for their interiors. This is because flat paint does not reflect light, so the blemishes you may have in your walls will not be visible. 

On the other hand, it is not so durable so it would be recommended to not apply it on surfaces or walls in rooms where the traffic is high. You can clean it easily if you spoil something on the walls. But if you want to scrub it, you should know that it will not resist it. 

Many interior design experts from Essaygeeks recommend using flat paint for the ceiling. As it is one of the parts of the house that might have the highest number of imperfections. On top of this, spoiling something on the ceiling is rarely happening. 

However, you should be aware that flat paints often collect dust. So you might need to repaint the walls frequently. But many people are more into that matte look flat paint gives your room. So they are okay with repainting the walls every few years. 

More Details About The Satin Paint

If you are not into that matte look of flat paint, then satin paint might be right for you. It is shiny and lustrous, so it can be used to add a touch of color, texture, shine, and personality to your room or house. However, it is important to keep in mind that any blemishes you might have in your walls will not be covered. 

Usually, satin paint is recommended for areas or rooms where the traffic is high. In these areas, the walls can easily get dirty or children can spoil them. But the greatest advantage is that with soapy water, you can make the walls look brand new. And the satin paint is very resistant to scrubbing and cleaning, but also moisture.

Flat & Satin Paint – Which One Is Right For You?

Besides the technicalities, advantages, and disadvantages of each paint type, there are more things involved when you need to make a decision. And one of these is the cost. Renovating your house is a nice experience to go through, but if you have a tight budget, choices might not be so easy. 

So, if your budget is the thing you need to stick to and you want to reduce your renovation costs, then the flat paint is the right choice. For an 8×12 foot bedroom, the price of flat paint starts at $190 while the ones of satin paint start at $250. 

At the same time, flat paint can be applied easier than satin paint, but if you do not like that matte look, maybe that lustrous satin paint is for you. Always analyze before how the painted room will be used to make sure you make the best choice. 

Ending Note 

There are a lot of paint types you can choose from and this may cause the entire decision-making process to be more overwhelming and difficult. 

So, before attempting to make a choice, it would be useful to check the particularities, advantages, and disadvantages of each of them. Depending on your budget and how you want the room to look, you can choose from flat or satin paint. 

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