How To Extend A Kitchen Island (Ideas & DIY Guide)

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In modern homes, the need for dining rooms has long been forgotten in favor of larger kitchen and dining spaces.

With spare time and space now coming at a premium, homeowners are celebrating their kitchen area and making it into an adaptable space that can not only be used for cooking, but for dining, socializing, and even working from home. 

Some kitchens don’t have the space to utilize a dining table in the kitchen, so one way in which you can expand on your space is to extend a kitchen island.

This can help you to have the best of both worlds, with extra space to cook and prepare meals, as well as additional space to sit and chat.

No matter if you’re carrying out a full kitchen renovation or are just wanting to increase the space that you already have, here are some tips on how to extend a kitchen island. 

Extended Kitchen Island Ideas

When it comes to extending a kitchen island, you need to consider all of the functionalities in which it provides.

There are many ways in which extending your kitchen island can streamline your kitchen space and give you so much more than just additional countertop space.

Increased seating, extra storage, and more kitchen accessibility are just some of the benefits that come from extending a kitchen island. 

With that being said, extending a kitchen island is actually much easier and more budget-friendly than most people think.

There are many different ways in which you can extend a kitchen island, whether you make a multi-leveled island to create different spaces for cooking or make it higher to have an extended island with seating, the concept remains largely the same. You can refer to the futuristic state-of-the-art housing society: kingdom valley islamabad to have more inspiration in design.

You’ll need legs for the base and then additional countertop material, especially if you want to create enough of an overhang for people to sit comfortably, and then the materials for what you would like to create underneath the countertop.

From integrated cupboard space, shelving storage, or simply just a bar for people to rest their feet once sitting, you’ll need to consider the use of your kitchen island before extending. 

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How To Extend a Kitchen Island

Stick To The Basics

Any kitchen island can, realistically, be extended. As mentioned above, all you need is additional countertop material, legs to support the additional island, and then the components for underneath the counter.

Ready-made worktops are relatively inexpensive to buy and then, depending on the size of your desired kitchen island extension, the cuts of wood can be purchased on a budget also. 

Now is the time to consider whether you want a worktop that can fold up, drop-down, or remain intact, as this can impact the materials you need and the length of time that it make take for you to extend your kitchen island.

You will also need to decide as to whether you are keeping the material for your worktop the same as the rest of your kitchen, or if you’re creating a contrast!

Take things such as the base and kickboards into account, too as this can also cause issues with the height and functionality of the new space, especially if you are adding onto a pre-existing kitchen island.

Depending on the layout of your kitchen, you might also need to invest in the help of a plumber if there are waste or water pipes integrated into the base of your kitchen that needs to be moved or could be disturbed. 

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Measure, Then Measure Again

When it comes to any type of kitchen fittings, it’s important to measure and then measure again.

Incorrect measurements can be both times and cost-consuming and should be taken into consideration when you are planning a renovation or remodel.

Incorrect measurements, unproportioned gaps, and uneven worktops can all create frustration and a less than perfect final result. 

Choose The Right Materials

When it comes to choosing the right materials for your kitchen island, you need to take into consideration whether the extension is part of a kitchen makeover or a larger renovation project.

This is because you can use this opportunity to accentuate your kitchen further and make the new addition more suited to your lifestyle.

You can either use the same material as your other worktops or go slightly different with wood or granite and make the kitchen island extension a feature of your kitchen. 

Give Your Kitchen A New Lease Of Life

Even though you are only adding an extension onto a piece of your kitchen that is already there, now could be the opportunity to give your kitchen a refresh or new lease of life.

If you choose to use materials for the kitchen island extension to create a focal point in your kitchen, then why not compliment this further with a fresh lick of paint, some new shelving and accessories, and kitchen wall art prints to really make the room stand out? 

Extending a kitchen island is a simple and budget-adaptable addition to your kitchen and can totally transform your space.

Remember, you’re taking on this project as a way to enhance and expand on the space you already have in your kitchen, so why not go the extra mile and make your kitchen a welcoming space that you and your friends and family will want to spend time in!