How To Hide TV Wires Without Cutting Wall: 4 Ideal Methods

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Some people think that the toughest question for a new house owner when it comes to television is all the time associated with price. They are concerned about the cost of the TV and their real budget for it. Practically speaking, however, there is still another question that you sleep on before any purchase, that is how to hide your TV wire without cutting the wall. 

If you have small children in the house, the wire of your TV can pose a safety hazard, not to mention aesthetics. Here are a couple of ideas that hopefully can get you the right way to conceal those wires without needing to cut into the wall, for a range of plausible reasons behind it. 

What To Prepare Before Hiding Your TV Wires Without Cutting Wall

  • Cord clips
  • Zip ties
  • Cable management box
  • Wall cord raceway kit
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4 Methods To Hide Your TV Wires Without Cutting The Wall

1. Using cord clips

In the case that your TV is already placed on some kind of stand, you now can hide your wires by applying cord clips without any challenge. Those clips typically feature an adhesive backing, then you can easily get them to adhere to the back of your furniture as desired with no concern related to damaging anything.

First of all, you need to put cord clips around your furniture’s back, then your surge protector should be a place where wires can be snaked or even any other device. That aforementioned step will help you keep cords organized as well as keep them from tangling up also.

2. Using zip ties

If you think that, at the bottom, your TV stand features open space, you can think of zip ties as a very useful solution to keep your wires from touching the ground. 

  1. Try to get your wires spooled and then carefully cinch them together in the middle with a zip tie for sure. Nonetheless, you need to be sure that there is enough slack so that you can pull the TV stand out and at least can have access to your wires.
  2. In the case of saving even more space, a flat outlet extender that enables you to plug your cables in from the side should be mindful of. As far as I see, this can duplicate the outlets that generally you can plug your TV into at the end.

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How To Hide TV Wires Without Cutting Wall: 4 Ideal Methods
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3. Using cable management box

If you consider using the methods above to hide your wires personally inconvenient, you can still think of this solution. These boxes are size-appropriate to hide your wires and sometimes it is even a good fit for a surge protector that is not a big size.

  1. Be sure to look for a cable management box that contains holes around the side, this means you can easily add cables in distinguished directions.
  2. Here you can put the lid to conceal your cables on top as well as keep them far away from children or pets as they may pose a hazard if not mindful of. You can find these boxes in a couple of sizes as per your expectation.

4. Using ward cord raceway kit

In general, a ward cord kit would be another solution If your TV is mounted, and you can use it to get your wires hidden with no need for your walls to be cut into. 

As usual, adhesive backing is usually featured, hence you can effortlessly stick it to your wall without harming it. Then you can keep your TV wires hidden and other types of cables before continuing to snap the cover on.

You can also paint the same color to your raceway and your wall to hide it more subtly, so it will harmonize with the background like no wire has ever been on the wall.

  1. To ensure the best paint match, a small chip of paint off your wall is necessary, and then little by little you bring it to your local hardware store. 
  2. You should rely on a vertical level confirmation that your raceway isn’t crooked.

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Here is a video to help you hide your TV wire without cutting wall:


1. Can you use a fabric cord concealer to hide your TV wire?

A fabric cord concealer is not often highly recommended when it comes to hiding your TV wire without cutting into the wall, but sometimes it is also a good option dependent on specific circumstances. 

If your TV is put in the middle of any room, or it is impossible for you to use a raceway, this simple measure will hide your cables, and can also keep them protected from kids and your beloved pets. Other than that, there will be less chance for anyone to unintentionally trip over your wires.

Fabric cord covers generally come in a range of both sizes and colors. Some of them also give you zippers that make it easy to get them out as you wish to add more cables. While using a fabric cable cover, you have to accept the truth that you cannot cut it down to size, you practically can always add unlimited numbers, and it will still look perfect for sure.

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2. Is there any issue if you choose a panelboard to hide your TV wire?

Generally speaking, most customers complain about not being able to find the right product of their interest. No problem! It is really easy to get the panel or board covered with fabric, and your TV wire will be alright too, don’t worry!. 

You can choose to paint it to blend in well with your wall or select a design making your TV outstanding. If you don’t want to waste money on a panel and fabric, wood pallets to get the wires hidden are not always a bad option here. 

3. Do you need to contact a professional to hide your TV wire?

As said, hiding the TV wire without cutting into the wall is sort of easy and you can do it yourself with my detailed guides as mentioned above for the most part without assistance from any professional, for sure. 

However, if you are still unsure about the process, you can still do more research on the internet or even seek a consultant for specific circumstances. To make sure everything is on plan aesthetically, you should, if needed!

How To Hide TV Wires Without Cutting Wall: 4 Ideal Methods