How To Make A Farmhouse Bow (Detailed Instructions)

Farmhouse Decor

If you intend to hand wrap gifts, decorate your front door, or create a beautiful bouquet to give to friends, a beautiful DIY Farmhouse Bow will be an excellent addition.

If you are wondering how to make a farmhouse bow, you have come to the right place! Check out this easy bow tie tutorial below to learn how to make your double-layered bow, as well as the materials tools you’ll need to prepare.

Things You Need Before Making A Farmhouse Bow

In this article, we will show you how to make a two-layer farmhouse bow. It looks complicated, but the steps are pretty simple.

Things you need to prepare:



  • Ruler or measuring tape
  • Scissors
  • Hot glue gun
  • Pencil

Once you have everything prepared, it’s time to start creating your farmhouse bow. Follow the instructions below to understand the steps more easily.

8 Steps To Make A Farmhouse Bow (Detailed Instructions)

Step 1: Prepare for the first big bow

First, take a long section of a ribbon (as shown in the picture) and bend it into the shape of 8. Make sure that the two ends of the ribbon meet in the center, where you use a pencil to mark it.

Step 2: Make the big bow

Then, bring the two ends of the number 8 to the middle point.

Now, fold the two ends of the ribbon inward, overlapping the previously marked midpoint.

Step 3: Secure the orange ribbon with a pipe cleaner


Next, use a pipe cleaner to fix that midpoint. Be sure to tie it tightly to avoid damaging the shape of the bow.

Step 4: Make the bow smaller


At this stage, use the other ribbon to create the same number 8 but with a smaller size. Then, make a small bow following steps 1-2-3.

Step 5: Connect the two bows


Prop the tiny bow on top of the enormous bow. Remember to overlap the two midpoints as shown and secure both one more time with a pipe cleaner.

Step 6: Decorate the center of the bow


After creating a two-layer bow, you can further decorate the middle part to make the bow more beautiful. To do this, use scissors to cut from 2 ribbons on 2 equal segments, about 3 inches long.

In the next step, place one ribbon over the other and glue them together. Continue to spray glue on the middle point to secure the two bows. 

Use this ribbon to wrap around the middle point of the two bows and continue to glue the back of the bow. Make sure the glue doesn’t stick to the pipe cleaners to ensure you can use the finished bow on the door or garland.

Step 7: Create the tail of a farmhouse bow


To make the tail for your bow, continue using two ribbon rolls, choose the length you want, and then cut them out of the roll. For each role, we will take two nearly equal segments. Next, stack them on top of each other, as shown in the picture. Finally, use a glue gun to fix the ribbon tails together.

Step 8: Complete the farmhouse bow

Finally, use a glue gun to fix the bow tail to the center position on the back of the bow.

Wait for the glue to dry completely, and you have completed a beautiful farmhouse bow.

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7 Most Common Types Of Ribbons Are Commonly Used To Make Bows 

There are many different types of ribbons that you can choose from to create a beautiful bow in addition to the two types mentioned above. Here are the 7 most common ribbons in the marketplace that you can use to make beautiful handmade bows.

1. Satin ribbons

Satin ribbons have a smooth, glossy finish on the top and a rough matte finish on the underside. Depending on the type of silk, the satin fabric can be heavy, coarse, matte or shiny, soft, smooth, or stern.

2. Chenille/ Velvet ribbons

Chenille is the name for both the yarn and fabric that make up the soft material. Threads are purposefully stacked to create a thread, like the fuzzy exterior of a caterpillar. 

Chenille is a woven fabric made from various fibers, including cotton, silk, wool, and rayon. Chenille yarns and fabrics are favorites in fashion and home decor, and the soft, smooth fabric has a unique history and manufacturing process.

3. Silk ribbons

Plain color silk ribbon is one of the most used ribbons such as: used to wrap gift boxes, flower bouquets, decorative bows, handmade gifts, decorative handmade gifts, hair bows and produced with super beautiful iridescent silk, suitable for making romantic gifts or even luxury gift boxes and baskets. This silk ribbon line is incredibly colorful, and it can be creative for users.

4. Metallic ribbons

These are ribbons made from metallic thread that create outstanding sparkle and elegance.

5. Brocade ribbons

These are 2-sided ribbons with designs woven into one side of the ribbon. All are meticulously designed and beautifully crafted.

6. Jute/ burlap ribbons


With suitable materials and natural colors, burlap ribbons show sophistication, creating a classic and cozy space.

7. Acetate ribbon


People woven acetate ribbons from acetate fibers. It is thin and has a similar shine to satin but is stiffer.


Above is a detailed article “How to make a farmhouse bow” simple at home. In addition, you can add some dried leaves or flowers to make your bow more lively. You can also change the color and size you want to create the farmhouse bow you need. Good luck!