How To Measure For A Loft Ladder

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Lofts provide perfect spaces to store things that you don’t require regularly. However, you need to have easy access to your loft.

That’s where loft ladders come in. Usually made from aluminum or wood, they come in two primary styles: concertina and fold-and-slide. Aluminum fold ladders may be light, but they carry less weight, are noisy when moving, and appear more industrial.

On the other hand, wooden loft ladders can hold more weight and appear more industrial. When you install a loft ladder, you must know how to measure for a loft ladder. How do you do it correctly?


Measure For A Loft Ladder: Step-by-Step Guide

When installing new loft ladders, there are several primary measurements you need to make. However, it would help to remember that some of the measures may differ slightly depending on the kind of ladder you wish to install.

You can easily find loft ladders for small spaces in the market or check this website. You should also note that folding ladders may be the best option if you do not have enough space to store your ladder or plan to access your loft regularly. 

The following steps will help you determine the key measurements and how to measure your loft ladder dimensions accurately.

Floor to Ceiling Height

This is the gap between the floor where your small loft ladder will rest and the room’s ceiling where your loft is located. This measurement is highly recommended, especially when installing a folding-style loft ladder or if the ladder comes with an integrated hatch and frame.

In most instances, checking the specifications of a particular ladder will help you determine the maximum and minimum floor to ceiling height your small loft ladder requires. However, you can use a loft ladder calculator to determine the measurements accurately.


Floor to Floor Height

This is the gap between the floor where your loft ladder rests and your loft or attic floor. The measurement is vital, especially if you prefer a telescopic, concertina, or sliding-style loft ladder.

These ladders demand that you fix them to the floor using the supplied brackets. In most cases, the manufacturer indicates the loft ladder width and the minimum and maximum floor to floor height ideal for your loft ladder’s installation in its specifications.

Loft Opening Dimensions


The next step involves measuring the opening dimensions you want to fit your loft ladder into. In other words, the loft opening is the maximum size of the ‘gap’ that you can make on your floor to contain your loft ladder.

If you already have an existing loft, this new opening loft’s size may be larger than the current one. It would be best if you gave special consideration to the locations of potential obstructions, such as joists.

These obstructions may limit the size of your loft opening. If you want a loft ladder with a hatch, you should have an additional 100mm on each side relative to your hatch’s dimensions. Loft opening dimensions are necessary for concertina, telescopic, and sliding style loft ladders.

Landing Space

The vertical and horizontal clearance measurements will help you tell whether you have sufficient landing space. Your landing space is the distance from your loft ladder’s resting place on the floor when it is fully extended to the hatch’s hinge. This measurement is usually taken horizontally across the floor. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What size ladder do I need for a loft?

The ideal size of a loft ladder depends on the amount of space available. However, most loft ladders can be up to 3m high.

To figure out the height of the loft ladder ideal for your area, you need to measure from the floor of your landing space to the base of your loft. If you have limited space, you should consider purchasing space-saving loft ladders.

Are loft ladders easy to fit?

Yes, space ladders are simple to fit. They come as a complete kit. The loft ladder is usually integrated into the hatch and neatly packed into the box. All you have to do is install it and make minor adjustments afterward. 

How long does it take to fit a loft ladder?

You can install your loft ladder for between 2 and 3 hours for standard installations needing no hatch adjustments. Although you can do it all by yourself, you can opt for professional help.

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When picking a loft ladder, go for one that can fit into your loft hatch. Therefore, you must understand how to measure a loft ladder. It would help to consider the pivoting height you will require in your loft.

The pivoting size is typically 1m above the floor of your attic. Measuring vertical and horizontal clearance will help you determine whether the space in your loft is enough to install the loft ladder and move it around.

After installing your loft ladder, you can decorate it to match your style.