How To Use A Paper Clip, Wire, And Torque Wrench To Open A Locked Door

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We often see some hotshots in TV dramas who will take a thin wire out of their pocket when they come across a lock when they are stealing or doing other things.

Then just insert it into the lock and turn it a little bit to open it easily. See here to stay out for fear of everyone not believing, I have tried for a long time at home without a success, so I am still very suspicious of this but want to easily open the lock, this is not the only way oh.

1. Use a paper clip


You can use safety pins or paper clips to act as Lock Picking Kit. When using a paper clip, stretch it out and flatten it, then bend it at one end at a very small angle of about 90 degrees with needle-nose pliers. Or just roll it into a little loop.

Be sure to use a strong, rigid material for the lock picker, or your lock picker will bend before you can even push the cartridge. The best lockpickers are made from hacksaws. Those little black barrettes are great too, just take all the extra stuff off them, fold it at the Right Angle, and bend one end at 90 degrees.

Insert the wrench into the lower keyhole facing the key tooth entry side. Once you have determined the direction, hold the wrench in place and, with a little force, turn the lock in the correct direction, then insert the paper clip.

Press down on the lock, insert the end of the paper clip into the top of the lock, and let the paper clip rotate inside the lock until the lock ejects.

2. Use a thin wire

Prepare a thin wire, bend it in the shape of a cross, and insert it into the keyhole. Move the wire up and down at the keyhole teeth until the lock is fully open. Make soft drink bottles into “7” shaped cards.

If you feel more trouble making drink bottles, you can directly make a “7” shaped plastic sheet with playing cards and so on. And put it in the door crack, while trying the hook, while shaking the door handle, and in the process of shaking the appropriate open.

3. Fill the key slot with tin foil

If you forget to bring the key and cannot unlock it, you can also try to fill the key slot with tin foil. Then put the tin foil into a special tool, and insert the B lock core through another tool. And finally fix the lock core with a small vise to simulate the unlock process.

You can also use the lock method, which is to insert one end of the master key into the block and then hammer the other end of the key out. This unlocking method is to seize the loopholes in the design of A and B lock cores, so as to hit the lock cores to unlock the marbles.

4. Torque wrench

Many common objects can be used as torsion wrenches. As long as they are strong enough to exert force on the lock, and are small enough to reach almost the bottom of the keyhole.

There is a limit to how thin they are that can go straight through the keyhole, and how thick they will get in the way of the same keyhole picker. You can reduce the head of a small all-purpose wrench to act as a torque wrench, or just use one of those thin-tipped screwdriver tools.

To open a locked door require you some Lock Picking skills, if you have great knowledge of using these tools to open the door, these tips can do a great help for you!

If won’t, you can choose to prepare some cheap Lock Pick Tools at the secure web, purchase them at the lowest price now!

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