How to Paint Unfinished Garage Walls?


If you move past your driveway and think that your garage walls need a makeover, then we have just the thing to help you with that. Especially if the paint job over the walls was left unfinished due to whatever reason possible.

After all, it is always a good idea to keep each and every part of your house in the best condition possible, especially when that place is the first thing you look at whenever you reach home.

And if you are a rookie at the whole world of painting walls, then you should definitely read up on some of the most interesting as well as handy tips and tricks that will surely help you to paint your unfinished garage walls and give your garage a brand-new look. And that too in the easiest way possible.

Paint Unfinished Garage Walls

So, let us get started!

What are unfinished walls?

When it comes to your garage, unfinished walls basically mean that they either have an extremely thin drywall attached to them or do not have any drywall present at all.

This can be a big problem as it may lead to thinner walls overall in the room that might not provide proper insulation or even a suitable surface that can be painted over.

And if that is the case in your garage, then the best option would be to install one so that the walls of your garage can get thicker than before and can be able to provide the insulation as well as noise resistance that you need. Also, it makes it quite easy to apply the paint of your choice after getting the required treatment done.

However, in case you plan on painting over the walls of your garage that are unfinished, then all the tips below are just for you to make sure that you get done with the greatest paint job out there. And that too without drywall.

Step 1: Start with preparing your space

Getting any space painted is not an easy job. And it definitely is not easy when your room is filled with things that can act as obstacles between your mobility around the room. Therefore, before you start any kind of treatment in your garage, make sure you clear it out completely so that you can work on it without any hassle.

This would include moving your vehicles out in the driveway, taking off any wall mounted shelves that might be present in the room, moving away all things that are along the walls, and making sure that all extra things are out of the room to avoid any kind of debris falling on wet pain that then would ruin the paint job in one go.

Also, it is important to ensure that all the cracks and holes in the now cleared walls are filled with putty and sanded smooth with the help of sandpaper to make sure that no bumps or holes would be visible from over the paint. And this also helps in giving the room a much better finish.

Step 2: Prepare your surface

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Be it a finished or an unfinished wall, surface preparation is something that is needed always. It allows your paint to go on in a much smoother way and that too with minimal risk of any kind of damage. However, when it comes to an unfinished wall, the preparation process is a tab bit more detailed as it has to cater to the absence of drywall along the way.

The way to prepare your wall is to use a primer first thing before you put up anything else on the unfinished wall. A primer helps to seal the surface of a wall that in unfinished so that no irregularities come up once painted over. Moreover, it allows to make the wall smooth and steady and ready to be painted over while making sure that the paint sticks well with the surface.

You would want to select your primer carefully before painting it over your wall. It is crucial to ensure that the one you choose is suitable for where your wall is located, that is if it is located inside the room outside as the exterior of the house. This is important because both types have varying paint adhesive qualities and work well in their own conditions.

Once done, you would want to pour the primer onto the paint tray and with the help of a paint roller, start to apply it all over your wall while making sure that you cover all the areas. Make sure to avoid the taped areas and also do not over paint excessively.

Your primer will need around three hours to dry up but we recommend that you wait almost a day to paint over it with the actual wall paint that you have selected.

Step 3: Start painting your wall

Once you have your selected wall paint with you, all you have to do is paint it over the primer the same way and let it dry. If you think that you need another paint coat then you can always apply it all over again after making sure that the initial paint layer is completely dry.

What kind of paint should you select?

The first thing you would want to make sure is that you get the most suitable type of paint in accordance to where your wall is located.

You would want to avoid glossy as well as satin paints for your garage because they do not really give the look that you would be aiming for when it comes to your garage. Rather than something shiny, you would want to choose a matte shade that sits well with the environment of your garage room.

Moreover, it is a good idea to avoid latex paints as well because they are not suitable for indoor use.

However, it is a good idea to use oil-based paints that not only work well indoors, but also allow you to have the finish that you want. And along with that, they are durable as well as reliable when it comes to painting over unfinished walls.

And just like that, you are ready with your brand-new walls that are painted in the best way possible and that too with the best materials and procedures.

All you have to do is make sure that you follow all the instructions in the best way possible and that too while investing in quality products to make sure that the paint job you do is not only durable but also up to the mark.

And in case you live anywhere near Cupertino, then you can always look into hiring professionals from some of the best services of home remodeling in Cupertino, CA to make sure that you get the best work done and that too in a suitable deal that fits well in your budget. And once done, you can enjoy the brand-new walls of your garage each time you enter it.

How to Paint Unfinished Garage Walls