How to Remove Latex Paint? 6 Easy Ways to Clean Every Surface

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Latex paint can turn your room’s walls into colorful pictures. However, it will be a real pain in the neck if the wet paint splatters on your clothes, carpet, or other furniture. 

In that case, how to remove latex paint? This article will show you the easiest way to deal with the annoying paint stains on any surfaces in your house.

Things you need before removing latex paint

There are various ways of removing latex paint, depending on which is the surface you want to clean. Of course, each way requires you to use different things, and the list below will mention all the items so that you can deal with every situation. 

The things you need for removing latex paint are:

– Denatured alcohol (this is poisonous for consumption and flammable, so be careful while using)

– A dry, clean rag

– White vinegar

– Laundry detergent

– Clean water

– Soap

– Plastic scraper

Instructions for each type of surface

After having prepared the mentioned items, you must be eager for the next steps. So now I will show you the detailed instructions on how to remove latex paint, based on which surface has the paint stains.

1. Clothes 

If the latex paint, unfortunately, splatters on your clothes, try to clean it as soon as possible, since wet paint is much easier to deal with. 

  • Step 1: Moisten the rag with warm water, and put it directly on the stain of your clothes. 
  • Step 2: After the stain gets wet, pour denatured alcohol over the stain until it covers the whole stain. If the paint has become dry, let the alcohol soak into the fabric for 5 minutes, so that the dry stain’s structure will be softened. 
  • Step 3: Rub the fabric against itself; the stain will gradually go off. You can also use a laundry brush to give it some harder rubbings. 
  • Step 4: Rinse the clothes with clean water. Then put it into the washing machine for a complete cleaning process. Next time you pull your clothes out, it will be as spotless as it originally was before getting any paint drops. 

You can also learn some other ways to wash the paint stain out of clothes here

2. Human skin

Once you get paint drops stuck to your skin, immediately go to the bathroom and start to carry out the following steps:

  • Step 1: Scrub the dirty parts gently with soap and water. If the stain goes off completely, then congratulations, but if not (most of the cases), do not panic and continue reading. 
  • Step 2: Cover the painted area with mineral oils. Gently rub it off and wait for 5 minutes so it can soak in.

Tips: You can replace mineral oil with other common liquids like coconut oil, olive oil,…

  • Step 3: Use your hand or a piece of clothes to peel off the paint. After having removed most of the paint, you should use a cotton ball covered with denatured alcohol to rub the remaining paint areas. 
  • Step 4: Wash your skin with warm water. 

3. Carpet

For this, you can try nail polisher or white vinegar. Pour it onto a dry rag and put it directly on the paint stain, then slightly rub the stain with a brush. 

After rubbing, let the carpet sit for 5 minutes so that the liquid can soak into the stain. Then vacuum up the stained area until it gets all dried. 

If there is still a faint stain, repeat the process 2-3 more times until it goes completely off. Below is a good example of removing latex paint from carpet.

4. Floor

In this case, please try to use dishwasher soap with water first, as you do not want to leave a noticeable spot on the floor because of strong detergent. After scrubbing the floor, gently use a plastic scraper to peel the paint off. 

If the stain is still there, then try rubbing alcohol, or more effectively, liquid floor wax to get rid of all the stubborn paint.

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How to Remove Latex Paint?

5. Plastic furniture

Some cleaning chemicals can actually melt the plastic, so I would highly recommend using vegetable oil (coconut, olive oil,..) to soften the paint and gently scrape the paint away. After that, wash the oil left with soap and warm water.

6. Wooden furniture

This may be the trickiest case since we do not want to soak a wooden table with liquids like vegetable oil or scrape out a piece of it, which all make the wooden furniture less valuable and fashionable. 

Therefore, just use denatured alcohol, dry rag, and start to scrub it until the stain goes off. This can take a lot of time, but trust me, it will work. 


1. Why can nail polish remover beat the paint stains?

Nail polish remover, or even white vinegar, contains 1 miraculous chemical, which is known as acetone. This is a strong liquid that can dissolve stains, nail polish, or even some materials which are commonly contained in clothes fabric like modacrylic, acetate, or triacetate.

So next time if you want to use nail polish remover to remove paint stains from clothes, please be highly cautious and check if your clothes’ material can stand against acetone. 

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2. Since acetone has a strong odor, can we suffer from serious diseases by smelling it? 

Although acetone has such a strong, completely unpleasant odor that our instinct tells us that it is toxic, acetone is a fairly benign solvent in vapor form. It means that just by contacting acetone in a short time and unusually, we do not suffer from any serious diseases, only suffer from slight headaches and some temporary annoyance in the nervous system.

3. What should you do if your wooden table has some discolor on the paint-removed area?

In case the cleaned area has discolored, you can try some wood color repair tools like quick-drying markers and wax sticks. Here are some sample products that you should buy to restore the color of the previously stained area: 

4. Does baking soda remove latex paint stains?

Baking soda is well known for an effective adsorbent that can remove simple stains. But paint sets into fibers so quickly that baking soda isn’t powerful enough to remove the paint from clothes. Therefore, just try the methods mentioned in this article for the best results. 

How to Remove Latex Paint?