How To Remove Spray Paint From The Garage Floor


The garage is that space of the home where we do a lot of work apart from just keeping the vehicle. For the longest part of my life, I have seen people painting things inside the garage. Painting small things like chairs or tables or even parts of vehicles inside the home can be a bit messy.

The garage seems to be the best space to paint those space items properly. Even if it is your garage then also you might not want to keep it ugly and messy. The worst thing about spray painting things in your garage is that it would leave marks on the garage floor.

This would ruin the look of the garage. This would even create a bad impression about your home as most people would be able to see your garage from outside. Spray paints are very hard to remove and that is why people prefer spray paints for their products.

Removing the spray paints from the garage floor would not be an easy task to perform. This would take up a lot of time and effort of yours. Fortunately, there are some steps that you can follow to remove the spray paints from the garage floor. Here are the steps mentioned below that would help you remove the spray paints from the garage floor.


TSP solutions are the most effective and easy ways to remove the spray paints

Step 1– Here you have to get a huge bucket to make the solution for removing the paint from the garage floor.

Step 2– The next step here is to get the important materials. Here you need to get a transparent eye cover so that the solution could not get into your eyes. The solution should not even be touched by your hand so you have to use rubber gloves in this case. The gas produced by this mixture is a bit strong so you should even cover your nose and mouth with a mask.

Step 3– this is a dangerous step which is to prepare the mixture so be careful while you do it. Here you have to pour hot water over the powder TSP. you have to mix the powder well but be careful as the water would be very hot. The mixture needs to be smooth without any lumps over it so that it could work well.

Step 4– Now you need to pour the solution over the paint spot that you need to remove. Let the solution get into the spot and penetrate the paint for about 5 to 10 minutes. This step is very important so you have to give your time in this step so that the paint could wear off easily.

Step 5– The next step is to actually clean the area to scrub off the paint marks. Here you would need a scrubber with a big handle so that you can scrub the area while maintaining a distance. You would need to scrub the area for quite a long time if the paint would be too strong. Once you take off the paint then you can stop the method.

Step 6– The final step here is to clean the area. You can proceed to clean the area only when you are satisfied with the paint removal. If you could remove it all then you can splash some water to clean the area. This would get you a clean garage floor.

Use a washer to remove the paint

high-speed water washer


If the paint is still wet then things would be a bit easy for you. Here you can use a high-speed water washer. You just have to scrub the area a bit or until the paint is removed partially. The final step here is to expose the area with the high-speed water washer so that it could clean the paint from the garage floor. Also here you can check out some amazing garage paint ideas if you are looking to change your garage style.

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Toilet bowl cleaners also prove to be helpful

toilet bowl cleaner

If the paint over the garage floor is not that strong then you can use a strong toilet bowl cleaner to clean the paint. This is effective for faded paints so you can try to scrub the paint at first then proceed to clean it with a toilet bowl cleaner. Put the toilet bowl cleaner solution on the paint and let it rest for about 5 minutes and then scrub it a bit. You can wash it off with water once you are satisfied with the result of cleaning. This process even works if the paint spots are old but you should always get a strong toilet bowl cleaner solution for this process.