How To Repair Chipped Paint On Kitchen Cabinets

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The last thing that one would want in the kitchen is peeling paint on the kitchen cabinets. The kitchen is an important space in the room so it has to be maintained well. If you would not look after the kitchen looks then that would make your home look bad.

The chipping of paint is a common issue that no one likes. This can be an expensive affair to re-paint the entire kitchen in this case so you might not want to do it. Usually, people try to repair the chipped paint on kitchen cabinets so that the space would look good.

There are so many reasons behind the chipping of the paint on kitchen cabinets. The kitchen is usually a humid space of the home after the washroom so such a thing can happen here. The chipping of paint commonly happens due to moisture in the space.

Even if you would not clean the cabinet well before putting the paint then also the pain can chip easily. If the workers would not apply the paint smoothly on the cabinet then also there are high chances that the paint would chip.

The reason can be anything but the main concern here is how to fix the situation. All you want to focus on repairing the chipped paints. This can be a bit hard but not impossible for sure and this would be less expensive at the same time.

Here are some ways to repair the chipped paint on the kitchen cabinets of your home:

Watch for The Damaged Area

We don’t want damaged cabinets for sure but the entire cabinet cannot be damaged rather there are some damaged parts on the cabinets. The main task here is to find the damaged areas of the cabinet so that you can repair the paint over it. This is one of the most important steps that you should do properly. You should not leave any damaged area in this process.

Re-touch on the damaged area:
Once you are sure about the damaged area then you can just focus on that space to retouch the paint. This would make sure to seal the painting of that area so that your cabinet paint would not peel again. This is not even that hard if you would follow some easy steps that are mentioned below:

Scrape the damaged area:
You can use sandpaper to scratch and scrape the damaged area. This would clear up the area well.

Fill the area after painting a single coat:

If you would see a caved area then you have to get wooden filling over it. You can fill the space after painting a single coat over it.

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Touching up chipped painted kitchen cabinets

Prime and Paint the Area

The main step here is to prime the area before putting the paint. You already know that the damaged part needs to be sealed so you have to prime it well. The last step here is to get a matching color to paint on the damaged part.

Repaint the cabinets after peeling them completely:


This process is quite hectic but at the same time, this would make sure to make the cabinets look good. If you would do this process properly then you would not have to worry about chipping of the paint early. Here are the steps that you need to follow to complete the process:

The first step is to remove the peeling paint:
You already know that the old paint is not good and so it is peeling. Here you have to entirely peel the old paint from the cabinet so get a bare base.

The second step here is to sand the surface of the cabinet:
If the surface would not be clean and smooth then the paint would not set properly. Here you have to take your time to scratch the area with sandpaper. This would create the best surface for the paint.

Cleaning the surface is very important:
No matter how hard you try or how extensive products you use but the paint would not remain if the surface would not be clean. You have to mop the entire surface well so that you can put the paint on a clean surface.

Prime the area:
Priming here means to seal the space and this would also hold the paint for a long time. This would make your painting from chipping and peeling.

The final step is to paint the cabinets:
This is the final step that needs to be done in a proper way. Here you have to paint the cabinets in your desired way. The painting should be done well so that the cabinets could look good.

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