How to Repair Water Damaged Wood Veneer

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While wooden furniture surely is something that gives a place an amazingly beautiful look, the fact that more often than not it gets damaged through different things remains true. And one of those things is water.

And in case it is your wooden veneer that suffered, water damage repair is something that after a point becomes extremely necessary to make sure that the wooden piece not only gets its perfect old finished look back but also remains safe from any possible water damage in the future.

Repair Water Damaged Wood Veneer

But how do you do it? Well, we are here to tell you all about how you can repair water damaged wood veneer anywhere in your house and that too whenever you want. And trust us, it is not as hard as it seems. Just a few things to keep in mind and you are all set to go.

However, before we tell you about it, let us talk about what exactly is wood veneer and how does it get damaged by water.

What is Wood Veneer?

You might have noticed a thin sheet of wood over your wooden furniture, especially on your table top. That sheet is called wood veneer and it is used mainly to give a finished and glossy look to wooden pieces.

It’s extreme thinness makes it seem to be merged perfectly with the furniture underneath. However, at times due to some instances, water can surely get caught somewhere in the veneer and cause damage which would require attention for sorting out as soon as possible.

How Does It Get Damaged?

Water, like it is for many other things, is not a very good friend of wood veneer. Be it splashes over the surface or trapped water under, the veneer does not react well when in contact with water for a long amount of time. And this brings up a couple of issues such as white spots over the veneer and blushed haze.

However, in case any of these does happen, it surely is time to fix it. And luckily, repairing a water damaged wooden veneer is something that is very doable at home without the help of a professional. All you need are some tools and techniques and you are surely good to go. How? Let us tell you all about it. And trust us, it is very simple.

How to Repair Water Damaged Wood Veneer

Fixing Water Bubbled Damaged Veneer Vaneer on Wood Furniture

How to Get Rid of White Spots?

You would want to start with buffing the veneer surface with liquid furniture polish which usually removes the white spots on its own.

However, if that does not happen, then it is a safe choice to use a clean rag dipped in denatured alcohol to remove the stains. However, be careful enough to not damage the existing polish over the furniture by it because at times a long exposure of furniture polish with any kind of alcohol leads to problems of its own.

In case even alcohol does not work, a mixture of rottenstone and linseed oil should be rubbed over the surface in direction of the grain with the help of a soft and clean rag.

And once the white spots are no longer there, one needs to make sure that the wooden veneer surface is waxed at least twice before getting polished again for the final look.

Following these steps will surely help to repair any kind of white spots caused by water damage to your furniture and that too in no time.

Removing white water rings and heat stains from wood furniture

How to Get Rid of Blushing

Though blushing is quite similar to getting white water stains over your wooden veneer, it surely is treated as simply as water stains.

All you have to do is start with a steel wool to scratch down the white part of the furniture from the top. Once done, make sure that everything is wiped down by a rag after which it is necessary to put over a couple of layers of wax to smooth out the surface as much as it can be.

If that does not work, it is a better idea to try out re-amalgamation based on the type of finish that your furniture has. When done, it is always a good way to go if you brush down the edges of the new spot along with making any sharp edges smooth.

And after this, the furniture can be waxed and polished again to make sure that everything gets sealed how it is supposed to. After all, you would not want your piece to not look or seem incomplete just because of not polishing it after the treatment.

And just like this, you get to repair a water damaged wooden veneer in no time. Sounds something that you can totally do. After all, doing a fun DIY never goes out of style.

So, next time you feel that your wooden veneer is started to give off signs of water damage, make sure that you are able to identify what the damage is exactly and what is needed to be done to make sure that it looks as good as always.

However, if you still have any sort of doubt about doing such handiwork on your own, then the option of hiring a professional service to do the job for you is also present.

All you have to do is get a minor check over the company that you are thinking of hiring and make sure that they know the situation beforehand so that they can bring in all the required material with them. This not only helps you get an expert do the job for you but also turns out to be extremely time and energy effective in the long run.

Refinishing – Eliminating white blush made easy

So, what are you waiting for? Time to inspect all of your wooden furniture to make sure if anyone of it has a water damage issue, then it can be repaired in no time and that too by yourself. As we said, all your needs are a few tools and some techniques and you are surely good to go. Because having the best furniture out there is something that everyone wants.

How to Repair Water Damaged Wood Veneer