How To Soundproof A Room Cheaply: 5 Best Tricks From Experts

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Soundproofing is everyone’s problem, whether they live in high-class apartments or typical houses. But the price is usually way too high for professional soundproofing. Thus, how to soundproof a room cheaply has become such a hot question among households. 

In today’s article, we will unveil top tips and tricks regarding affordable soundproofing.

How To Soundproof A Room Cheaply: 5 Items That Can Help You

Amateur soundproofing your room is usually affordable, sometimes at no cost if there are necessary items around.

But don’t get it wrong: when we mention “soundproofing”, we mean reducing sounds. Notice that even the best and most expensive method couldn’t assure a 100% soundproofing effect. The noises at a point will find a way to get in. 

Yet, we guarantee our five items listed below will make the situation much better. The noise levels would be much lower, and the best part is it doesn’t cost you an arm and a leg.

Curtains soundproofing

Curtains are items most families own. They not only provide privacy and aesthetics but also act as a perfect sound dampening barrier. The thicker your curtains are, the more sound they absorb. In other words, it helps to reduce noises from both outside and inside your house.

Windows soundproofing

Soundproof windows, as their name mentions, block your windows to prevent sounds from getting inside.

Different from blinds or curtains, window blockers are large panels that fit and clog your windows entirely. Not only do they block sounds, but they also block all the lights and views. 


Next on the list is using rugs. They are the perfect noise blockers. Feel free to buy rugs online and use them where you think the noises are coming from.

Of course, your rug cannot help delete all the noises, but it will dampen all the harsh sounds and reduce the noise level. 

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Do you know that upholstered items can absorb noises super well? Yes, they can. Furthermore, they even stop those noises from bouncing back as much. Therefore, adding furniture like blankets, quilts, or plushy cushions is another way to soundproof your room effectively. 

Below is a complete guide helping you soundproof your house with blankets for free:

  • Prepare blankets: Find all blankets and tapestries available at your house. Thicker pieces would be the best!
  • Decide the sound source you want to block: Is the sound from inside or outside your room?
    • Interior source: Place the blankets all around your room.
    • External source: Place your quilts over the source, such as the wall, window, etc.
  • Attach the blankets onto the chosen areas accordingly: It would be best to use short pins and nails. However, depending on the thickness of your blankets, you can easily find a suitable method to affix them. 

Weather Stripping

If the noise source is outside and sounds get in via your doors and windows, trying out weatherstripping is necessary. It is a highly reasonable and effective method to dampen the vibrations. 

Weatherstripping is what they usually utilize to block moisture from entering via doors and windows. But they also act as the ideal soundproofing barrier as they are made of slim rubbers.

How To Soundproof A Room Cheaply

Indeed. They create an excellent waterproof, airproof, and soundproof film gluing your frames together firmly.

Homemade Soundproofing Panels

Typically, you could get these panels quickly as they are relatively affordable. They are solid films of materials that you can affix onto your wall. These mounted panels will prevent impact vibrations from penetrating.

They are pretty heavy and oversized. Therefore, it’d be best for you to pick these panels up by yourself rather than ordering them online and pay for the extra shipping.

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However, if you want an even more affordable solution, check the video below for homemade soundproofing panels:


Where is the original sound coming from?

Many ask us how to identify the sound source. Diagnosing where the vibrations begin is usually pretty simple. If the sound is loud enough, put your ears on the wall to determine the initial location of the noises.

Where is the sound getting in from?

After identifying where the vibrations begin, it’s also essential to determine where the sound penetrates from. It will boost the efficiency of blocking noises. 

A few places where the sound could leak in are the windows, doors, and thin walls.

Where is the Reflection point in your room?

The reflection point depicts the spot where sound bounces. It usually shares the same angle from which the vibration hits.

For example, if your neighbor uses a machine on the other side of the wall, the noises will come in straight through your wall and keep traveling at that same angle until it hits the other walls. 

We must identify this vital spot as it could help to crush the reflection points. With a smart strategy when you position your furniture, you can limit the sound levels effectively and prevent noises from impacting your life.

Is egg carton box practical when it comes to soundproofing?

The short and honest answer is NO. 

It would help if you understood that these cartons are super thin, which cannot help you dampen the coming vibrations. The noise waves would go right through these egg cartons with no effort.

However, if you want to build an in-house studio cheaply, egg cartons are helpful. They are excellent at reducing echoes, deflecting vibrations, and absorbing diaphragmatic sounds.

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There we have it: Everything you need to know on how to soundproof a room cheaply. If noises and vibrations are too irritating, consider trying our affordable methods firstly. They might save you lots of money.

How To Soundproof A Room Cheaply