How to Use Ambient Lighting and Give Your Home Decor A New Spin?

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Lighting is one of the most important aspects of making your house beautiful as well as functional. Lighting isn’t just about visibility but is also able to add a whole new aesthetic texture to the theme of your house. As such, it is important to think of how you want to design the ambient lighting of your home.

How to Use Ambient Lighting and Give Your Home Decor A New Spin

Ambient lighting is the environmental lighting that serves as a substitute for natural sunlight. It is decorative and functional as compared to task and accent lighting which only adds more layers to ambient lighting.

This article will tell you about what you should look out for in ambient lighting and what kinds of ambient lighting are available in the market, so you can decide which is the best ambient lighting for your home.

Elements of Ambient Lighting

1. Visibility

The first thing you need to consider is how much visibility you need in the room.

If it is well lit by sunlight, then having too much lighting during the day is redundant. Similarly, larger rooms might need greater amounts of illumination at night.

The visibility should be achieved at the right amount. Too little, and you are at a disadvantage in doing your everyday tasks such as walking, reading, and writing because it is too dark to see things. Harsh and overlit conditions can be harmful to the eyes, straining them and making you uncomfortable.

2. Theme

The ambient lighting has to go along well with the overall theme of the room. This is related to the temperature of the light – whether it’s cool blue or warm orange in hue to give off different feelings concerning the rest of the room.

LED lights can also discharge lights in multiple types of colors, so you can get creative with your desired kind of lighting.

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3. Cost

Budget is an important factor in deciding lighting systems. Tube lights, LED bulbs, and other sources of light are cheap and readily available solutions for ambient lighting. Others who want advanced hanging or cove recess lighting might have to spend more money installing the fittings and fixtures necessary to hold these lights.

4. Location

Outdoors vs Indoors is a huge consideration while deciding ambient lighting. You don’t need many lights to illuminate interior spaces, however, large open areas outside might require additional lighting facilities. Similarly, places like the living room or study room should be more illuminated than the bedroom which is for sleeping.

Types of Ambient Lighting

1. Cove Lighting

These are usually lights that are installed into the edges and ledges of the walls and the ceiling of the room. Because the light refracts from the wall surface it ends up creating a diffused and indirect light source. LED strips are the best way to install cove lighting. Cove lights are concealed from view so can be used for decorative lighting too. It is best to use warm white light for the color temperature.

2. Recess Lighting

These lights are installed into recesses to spread light over a particular surface area. They are called recessed lights because you build a hollow bracket into the wall and install the socket into it, with the entire bulb and housing sitting flush with the wall. Recessed lighting throws light downward and thus can achieve more direct illumination than cove lights.

These lights can either be defused and spread light omnidirectionally, or they can also be directional and be used for spotlighting a particular area. Places too many lights together in a row are inadvisable and can end up looking like a marquee or an airport runway.

3. Track Lights

Track lights are very similar in design to recess lighting, in theory, however, the only difference is that they are placed externally. This makes their placement and positioning more flexible. You can start getting more creative and funky with track lights.

How to Use Ambient Lighting and Give Your Home Decor A New Spin

4. Chandeliers

A chandelier is a centralized lighting source illuminating a large area. These chandeliers have become a fashion statement on their own. They are available in a plethora of designs. Antique glass chandeliers can often become some of the most coveted collector’s items selling for millions of dollars.

Adding a chandelier to your ambient lighting set can elevate the to feel royal and luxurious. However, chandeliers only look good on high ceilings, in smaller ceilings, they become small or cramped.

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5. Sconces

Wall sconces serve as glass lampshades and tools for low-level illumination in rooms. They can be highly decorative pieces and can be used for lighting too. A great option is to use wall sconces around bathroom mirrors to provide lighting to the whole bathroom.

Wall sconces have become a very popular accessory in Indian households. You should place them out of reach so that people do not accidentally bump into them. They are also ideal for long corridors.

6. Torchieres

Torchieres are a kind of uplight that throws the light upwards vertically. They are useful for illuminating walls as well as ceiling spaces. They often stand much higher than floor and wall lamps for this reason. You can find torchieres in many different shades as well as color hues to suit the look of your home. They are a great addition to soft ambient lighting and can be used to light up darker areas or spots in the wall and the ceilings.

Ambient lighting helps to make your home feel alive and cozy. Dark homes that are not well lit often end up feeling sad and neglected. By keeping in mind what we’ve told you in this article, you can rejuvenate the life of your home. At any time when you want to purchase them and give your homes that much-needed makeover, you can buy ambient lights online or even in furniture stores.

By having no darkness, you make the rooms more comfortable. Also, ambient lighting eliminates glare and leads to higher productivity. Therefore, it’s very useful to decorate your house and make it thematically beautiful!

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The right kind of ambient lighting can transform your home into a dreamland. It is essential to choose the perfect kind of lighting that you would require for each room to create the right ambiance. Add a touch of class, sophistication, and elegance with this lighting to get the desired effects at home or the office. They will surely help you to start conversations and lighten the moods of family and friends with their soft glow and radiance.

How to Use Ambient Lighting and Give Your Home Decor A New Spin