How To Use Smoker Box? [5 Easy Steps To Follow]

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Craving for some BBQ but don’t know how to use a smoker box? Well, it just requires 5 easy steps and a best smoker box for Gas Grill in hand to enjoy a smoky meal in no time. 

Have issues in believing it? No worries, as this article has just got you covered with a detailed step-by-step process. Besides, you will also find some hacks for using your smoker box by the end of the article as a bonus tip. 

What are you waiting for? Let’s hop on to make some tasty meals:    


How To Use Smoker Box – 5 Steps You Need To Know About

Using a smoker box couldn’t get any simpler and more convenient if you know the exact steps to use it. Moreover, knowing the exact process will ensure that you get the authentic smoky taste and flavor you are aiming at. 

Here’s to how to use and make a perfect meal on a smoker box: 

Step 1: Preheat the grill 

Always try to preheat the grill for around 10 to 20 minutes by setting the burners to high flame. It will shorten the overall time length and thus will save the time it would have taken to set the temperature.  

Here, you will not require several kinds of tools for smoking your food. Instead, a smoker for the grill is enough to do the work. 

Preheating the grill at first certainly fastens the entire process compared to not preheating beforehand. Apart from this, make sure to clean the metal grill grate every time upon usage to make sure that it is completely clean and safe to use. 

For cleaning the grates, you can also use a stainless steel grill brush. They are quite effective in cleaning the grates. 

Step 2: Load the smoker box with smoking chips 

Next up, fill half of the smoker box with some of the dry wood chips. Another way is adding wood chunks. This is pretty good as these chunks burn slowly and consistently.

There are plenty of wood options to pick from. However, among all, it is best to use hickory or pecan to smoke some red meat. Cherry and applewood also work pretty decently to add a sweet, smoky taste and aroma to the chicken and pork. 

On the other hand, mesquite adds a strong flavor to the red meats, while oak is perfect for cooking some light classic beef. 

There is a common practice of soaking the chips in water for around 30 minutes to prevent them from catching fire while cooking. However, with the modern smoker box, you can avoid this step as, unlike the traditional ones, they don’t have any holes in the bottom layer. 

As a result, the chips or pellets don’t get into direct contact with the heat source. Besides, the longer time you will soak the chips, the more time it will take to produce the smoke. And may also have a slight effect on the smoky flavor compared to the dry ones. 

Step 3: Put the box on the heat source

Once the smoker box is loaded with the wood chips, now is the time you can finally place the box directly onto the heat source. 

Just put it on the burners, if it is gas-powered, or onto the burning charcoal in case it is a charcoal grill. Lastly, set the maximum temperature to get these smoker boxes into action as quickly as possible. 

Step 4: Cooking time 

When the smoker box starts to create smoke, bring down the temperature to the regular cooking one (225 to 250 degrees Fahrenheit) right away. Finally, the moment has come you have been waiting for. 

Time to cook your favorite dish as the smoker box is piling hot to cook some ravishing and flavorful meat. Just place the meat on the grill and cover it with the cover. And see it cooking with all the smokes coming out from the grill! 

Step 5: Add more smoking chips to the smoker box, if required 

One of the drawbacks of the smoker boxes is they are a bit small. As a result, when the chips start burning, you have to add more chips to the smoker box with time throughout cooking the dish. Otherwise, it will get extinguished, and you will not get your desired result. 

For refilling the box, make sure to use a strong pair of tongs and cooking gloves before removing the box cover. And thus, using the tong, add more wood chips based on your dish. 

Note: You can also use and mix varied kinds of wood during the smoking process to get in some more flavors (Totally Optional).

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Some Tips and Tricks For Your Smoker Box

Want to make the most use out of a smoker box? Check out the below list for using it properly: 

  • Cold meat taken out straight from the fridge tend to absorb more smoke compared to the room temperature. 
  • Keep the cover of your BBQ closed as much as possible while cooking it. This will make sure that your meat gets/permeates the exact smokes it needs to give you a mouthwatering smoky flavor and taste by locking in all the smokes.
  • Clean the smoker box with a dry cloth immediately after washing to prevent it from rusting.

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Final Words 

Now that you know how to use smoker box, let’s get some cooking done to give yourself a delightful treat or to spend some good times with your friends and families around. Everyone will simply love it!

After all, only a smoker box and the right use of it can give you the irresistible smoky taste and aroma – a complete delight to one’s taste buds. Happy Cooking!