Ideas To Create A Romantic Bedroom

Interior Decor

What’s better than adding a little romance to the bedroom? But how can that be accomplished in a subtle way that doesn’t seem too over the top or reminiscent of a brothel?

The important thing to remember when adding some romance to a bedroom is that romance is different for every person, lacy curtains. Small printed flowers are romantic to some while red satin sheets and a fireplace appeal to others. Learn what style is most appealing and then discover ways to incorporate that in the bedroom.


The appropriate lighting can add a lot of romance to a room and it’s an easy thing to alter.

  • Candles – To some candles are just plain romantic, adding a few to a room can instantly change the feeling. Candles also adjust the lighting in a quick, easy and temporary way.
  • Dimmers – A more permanent way to adjust the lighting in a bedroom is by adding dimmer switches to the lights or even using light fixtures with three-way bulbs. This solution provides soft light during those romantic times and functionally bright light for the rest of the time.
  • Mirrors – Don’t think mirrors on the ceiling, but using mirrors creatively to double up the lighting in the bedroom and create a visual depth of field that is more expansive.
  • Window Treatments – The lighting in a bedroom can also be affected by the window treatments and the natural light that is allowed into a room. Most romantic bedrooms allow little natural light and heavy draperies are preferred.
Ideas To Create A Romantic Bedroom


Obviously, bedding plays an important part in creating a bedroom mood. However, personal preference is an important consideration when selecting bedding.

  • Fabric – The type of fabric that is selected for the bedroom should be something that makes the occupant(s) feel sexy and romantic. Many people love satin or silk for a bedroom, but others prefer the softness of cotton or chenille.
  • Pattern – Typically loud and bold patterns are not conducive to romance, solid colors or tiny prints work best in romantic bedrooms.
  • Color – Learn a little about how colors affect moods to determine which mood is right for the bedroom. Red is a traditional romantic color but shades of red are equally effective as is a clean and crisp white and a soft and gentle blue.
Ideas To Create A Romantic Bedroom


The big items are important but it’s often the smaller touches that mean more and make a bigger difference.

  • Fragrance – Certain smells evoke romantic thoughts and feelings and other smells can be repulsive. Know romantic partners well enough to determine what fragrances are the more romantically linked.
  • Tokens – Every couple has a little something that means more to them than the rest of the world, save these tokens, photos and other mementos and have them displayed in attractive ways so those treasured memories are always close at hand.
  • Texture – Adding different textures provides tactile excitement and energy, something that is key for a romantic bedroom. Each couple should experiment with textured pillows, bedding and accessories to find a combination that is favorable.
  • Music – A little soft music can go a long way toward setting a mood. In-wall stereo systems are wonderful but even a simple personal music player will do the trick.

Play with different romantic ideas to find the right combination to create a subtly sexy bedroom full of romantic interest.

Ideas To Create A Romantic Bedroom