5 Interesting Ways To Incorporate An Aquarium Into Your Living Room

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So you want to add an aquarium into your room, but you need it to be unique and exciting. Since the living room is a common area at home, kids run everywhere and may ruin a traditional aquarium in seconds. Therefore, we have to be creative and intelligent when incorporating an aquarium into our living room.

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Where Should An Aquarium Be Placed In A Living Room?

The living room is the place where everyone gathers around. So, it needs to be both spacious and safe for everyone (including kids). Adding an aquarium to the living room can be dangerous because one wrong step can destroy the aquarium and harm people, especially when the tank is made out of glass. So, the space we choose should be where people don’t often go but a focal point that gets everyone’s attention. While you can just place an aquarium into the corner of the living room, you can choose anywhere in your living room with a few more arrangements if you use your head and imagination.

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Things To Consider Before Building Your Aquarium Indoor

Although you can simply put a traditional aquarium in your living room, there are things to consider before making your aquarium indoor.

Size of the Room

If the space is limited in your room, you might not be able to put a traditional glass aquarium. In this case, you will have to think smarter and interconnect your household items or the wall with the aquarium to save space.

Tank type (freshwater or saltwater)

Saltwater aquariums offer more bright and vivid color combinations but need extra care. Although saltwater aquariums surpass freshwater aquariums in aesthetics, you should have expert-level knowledge in keeping marine fish in captivity. On the other hand, freshwater aquariums are easy to care for if you pick up some hardy species for your tank. Unless you have the knowledge, time, and more money to dedicate to aquarium care, we do not recommend choosing saltwater aquariums for your living room décor.

Tank size

Obviously, the bigger the tank, the better. Large aquariums make more impact on pretty much anywhere. Although it may take time to set up and care for, large aquariums usually will be the center of attention. (And that’s what you expect it to be). 

Fish and Plant Species

Since you have less time to spend at the aquarium in this busy lifestyle, we recommend choosing some hardy fish and plant species. Hardy species can hold up for a bit more, even if you forget daily feeding, weekly tank cleaning or when aquarium equipment breaks. But if the money is not your concern, you can install some smart aquarium equipment and do the job automatically while monitoring your aquarium life at work. In that case, you can select some delicate species.

How to fill and remove water

Filling and removing water in a large aquarium can be tiresome work. But, if you think ahead when constructing the living room, you can bring a tap line and drainage line straight into the aquarium to make things easier. Otherwise, you may have to follow the classic steps with buckets and aquarium vacuum cleaners.

Light condition

As this will be an indoor aquarium, lighting is a must to make it more attractive and for the aquarium life. The lights in your living room might not be enough for the aquarium. Therefore, you should install separate lights in the aquarium.

Where To Put an Aquarium Into Your Living Room

Coffee Table aquarium

Instead of a typical coffee table, you can set up a custom-made coffee table filled with an aquarium below. As a coffee table is a place where everyone sits around, it is a safe place for your aquarium and brings peace while tasting a cup of coffee.

Under staircase aquarium

In most homes, under the staircase is where it gets empty all the time. Some use it to build a pantry but, you can use this space to put an aquarium. Better yet, create a custom-made aquarium that fits the staircase.

Around fireplace

As you know, no one goes near the fireplace for the sake of not getting burned. So, it is a perfectly safe place for an aquarium. However, you should be careful while designing the aquarium around the fireplace because the heat may impact the aquarium and its life.

Kitchen counter

Kitchen counters take a whole lot of space in your home. So, instead of traditional kitchen counters, you can incorporate a built-in aquarium kitchen counter to make things more interesting.

Between rooms

Instead of separate rooms with a typical wall, you can build an aquarium connected to the wall. That way, you get to enjoy aquatic life from both rooms.

Advantage Of Keeping An Aquarium Inside The House

Keeping an aquarium inside the house has many benefits for your health and life.

More elegant home

An attractively aquascaped aquarium brings elegance to the surroundings, making everyone attracted.

Reduce stress

An aquarium inside the house basically brings along a soothing effect, which helps bring down the stress levels of people who watch and feed the fish.

Improves the sleep quality

Looking at the aquatic life in the aquarium before bed helps calm the mind enough to have a good night’s sleep if you have trouble sleeping at night.

Lower blood pressure and heart rate

As an indoor aquarium reduces stress and makes you relax, your blood pleasure level stabilizes to normal levels, improving your heart health.

Improves focus and creativity

Since watching and feeding the life in aquariums reduces stress by calming your mind, you can bring up your mind to focus on your work life and be creative, which improves your productivity.

Connect to nature

The busy lifestyle of the 21st century has made many people locked up in a concrete world, away from mother nature. Aquariums at home help these busy people connect to nature again.


With the innovative technology and creativity, you don’t have to be traditional anymore. The ideas we have shared here are just a few ways to incorporate an aquarium into your home. Having an aquarium brings great benefits, mainly for your health. Therefore, an aquarium should be one of the Must have home décor in your home.