Interior Design Inspiration for Luxury Homes

Home Inspiration

Luxury flats in Mumbai and elsewhere leave you awestruck as soon as you enter them. From a spacious layout and vibrant energy to elegant lighting and tasteful furnishing and décor, there is something exceptionally inviting about luxury homes that make them so special.

Of course, most homes don’t come with all these qualities. As a home buyer, the onus is on how you visualise the space and mould its interior design to complement the luxurious construction. So, where do you begin? If you are a decor enthusiast or are seeking inspiration for your abode, here are a handful of ideas curated for luxury apartments in Mumbai for sale.

Analogous Color Palette

The significance of color in interior design is frequently discussed. Colors from the same family help create a cohesive, put-together, and thoughtfully curated feel. If you are someone who loves to buy decor items a lot, you need to check them mindfully. That is because the changes you make to your space should complement the existing color palette. For wall décor, a plain, neutral-coloured background works wonders. If you have brightly coloured walls, then try to go with wall décor, such as paintings with the same primary tone. This rule of thumb also applies to your furniture, which should be in complementary hues, or pop out if the overall colour palette of your space is neutral.

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Quality Home Decor

Product quality is key. It can make or break the entire appeal of a space. Investing in good quality decor items also proves worthwhile owing to their color/finish retention, sturdiness, and overall longevity. Flimsy material, poor finish, and poor craftsmanship will only deteriorate the feel and experience of the space. Investing in high-quality decor also makes it easier to avoid worrying about making recurrent purchases. The smallest details, as little as the paper napkins to the cutlery you chose for your tablespace, make a difference.

Fresh Designs, Plants and Flowers for liveliness

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Plants are a great addition to any space, from the foyer to the bathroom. They are incredibly adaptable and have the added benefit of improving indoor air quality. With house plants that need so less maintenance, keeping plants indoors has never been easy. If you enjoy having fresh flowers in your surroundings, you might want to get a flower subscription because they really help spaces come to life.

Curating Luxury Tablescapes

We have all come across images of the most luxurious apartments in Mumbai, and their enchanting, thoughtfully curated tablescapes often leave us in awe. If you check out luxury flats in Mumbai, you will discover that a lot of those homes come with grand tablescapes. Such tablescapes are often curated umpteen times throughout the year and seek inspiration in the choices of the homeowners, trends, and, of course, the festive season. Craft influencers and magazines are amazing places to look for festive and fresh decor inspiration. What’s more? They help with DIYs and sustainable solutions, too. The tablescape will call for attention to the centerpiece, candle stands, a dash of light with scented candles, installing fresh flowers, pampas grass, and so much more. Well, God is in the details.

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Avoid too many busy patterns

The styling of ‘pattern on pattern’ is tricky. While styling patterns, make sure you don’t add too many busy patterns. Instead, decide on a standout pattern and element, which can be brought to highlight and paired with other solid hues and different fabric textures.

When mixing patterns, ensure they are not the same size. Instead, variation in sizes creates drama and an interesting aesthetic. Some classic patterns like houndstooth and checks are timeless. However, having too many of them can become overwhelming and limit your ability to add ornate items in the future, like cushions. Limit yourself to three or four different patterns.

Room for negative space

Negative space or breathing space is imperative to let all your decor, patterns, hues, and, most importantly, effort and thought shine through. Not to forget, minimalism has become a buzzing trend in recent years and is only growing popular. Well, ‘less is more,’ and if it matches your idea of a space, you should certainly keep this in mind.

Luxury designs are all about experimenting with styles, patterns, and colors. Doing things practically is the best way to know whether they work. Expert help from interior designers and some trial and error on your end will get you to your dream luxury interior.