Is It Safe to Use a Portable Infrared Heater in Your Kid’s Bedroom?

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Infrared heaters are often the one-stop solution for keeping yourself warm during winter. But are sure about putting them up in your kids’ room? If you aren’t then this article might be all you need before you decide what to do.

Is an infrared heater safe for babies? I want to get to the bottom of this matter straight away. A simple answer to this question is 50-50. Most heaters are unsafe for kids, but there are a few that are safe.


Disadvantages of keeping a normal heater in children’s room:

Some heaters are dangerous. If your children touch their external interface, there is a risk of burns or injury. Below are some of the disadvantages of common heaters that can affect a child.

  • Heater’s working principle

A common heater absorbs moisture from the air to make the environment more temperate. Your baby, however, will get less moisture than usual, resulting in dry, scaly, itchy skin. In worse scenarios, some cases led to nose bleeding for kids.

  • Kids get uncomfortable

Allergy and irritation may occur as a result of extra heat build-up, and children may not get enough sleep. This happens as extra heat builds up which can irritate, and lack of sleep for kids.

Avoid touching theIt heats up if you leave the heater on for a long timeup. Kids are by nature interrogative and can touch the heater while you are not around. Not only they can burn their skin but also they can get electrical shocks which can be even fatal.

  • SID Syndrome

 Doctors have observed that when the room has been hot for a long time, the kid has acquired SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome). Kids are more susceptible to this syndrome when their body heats up.

  • Temperature Fluctuation

Changing the thermostat of the heater from quick hearing to quick cooling can be harmful to kids as this may affect the kids’ physical health. The common cold usually causes a stuffy nose, hacking coughs, and fever.

If you have a kid in your house, installing a cheap or common heater which does not have any safety features might not be a good idea. But you can always be careful while using it to avoid any unnecessary incidents. There are many ways how you can improve your kids’ safety with a heater.

Safest heater for children’s room

Portable Wifi Controllable Infrared Heater

As the name indicates this is a smart portable infrared heater. You can take it to any corner you like. Since it is a smart heater this kind of wifi-enabled portable infrared heater often comes with a smart application. The manufacturing company often provides these applications for free. A smart heater uses a four-quartz heating technology that makes it allergy-friendly and safe.

Looking for a heater that is quiet, energy efficient, has a sleep timer, safe for kids, cool touch body, overheat protection, and all other amenities possible? Then a Portable Infrared Heater is your one-stop solution. Besides you can control this from any part of your house through the app.

 You can always opt for ceiling infrared heating panels. You can attach these panels to your ceilings which are made of silica alloy and give a classy look to your interior. These heating panels save space in your room because they are attached to the ceiling. Additionally, it covers every corner of the room and even heating is distributed. It is safe for kids as it is out of their reach. Because it is located at a height risks like overheating and SIDS get reduced to a great extent. Being infrared, it saves a lot of energy. These panels can also be heated using solar charging.

The most conventional system used today for heating is an Infrared Heating System. Think of the Sun, it is also an infrared heater system best known to mankind. The system uses short, medium, and long waves to radiate heat and keep you warm. It is an economical and power-saving option and doesn’t affect the kids.100% radiant warmth is supplied by these heaters, thus natural heat. Moreover, it burns clean so there are no harmful emissions. No one is at risk. Lastly, they heat the floor zone so the above hair remains relatively cooler which helps the kids to breathe in.


The use of heaters has increased to a great extent as mankind has evolved. As these machines are taking up the human workload, they tend to get reluctant. While using a heater, be it a regular heater or the recommended infrared heater be careful. Do not leave your kids alone with the heater inside the room because there are other possibilities of getting into an accident. Plus, turn off the heater after some time. Try to use these machines for minimal reasons as it will keep your kids safe.