How to Keep Area Rug from Bunching Up on Carpet?

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The latest rug layering trend can spice up the look of your entire space, but only if you manage to keep the rug perfectly in place.

Whether you’ve chosen a handmade Oushak rug or bought a modern Ziegler, wool rugs need pads. That’s because the back of a handmade area rug is smooth and can easily glide over carpet when walked on.

How to stop your rug from bunching up on carpet?

Read on to find out!

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4 Easy Steps to Stop Your Rug from Bunching Up on Carpet

If keeping your new Oushak rug in place has turned into a challenge, the good old rug pad trick can be your savior.

Apart from stopping the natural rug migration, using a non-skid rug pad would also make vacuum cleaning more efficient and easier. Plus, since the rug would be laying flat on the floor and won’t bunch up when walked on, it wouldn’t become a tripping hazard anymore.

Follow these easy steps below and stop your Oushak rug, or any other wool floorcovering, from getting all messed up:

Step 1: Measure Your Rug Size

Rug pads are available for sale in a variety of different sizes and shapes. It doesn’t matter whether your Oushak rug is round, square, or rectangular, you’d most likely be able to find a pad that fits.

So, the first step is to measure your rug’s dimensions carefully.

Step 2: Buy a Non-Skid Rug Pad

After you’ve got an idea of the size of rug pad needed, visit the nearest rug dealer or buy the non-skid pad online.

In case you can’t find the right size of rug pad, get a larger one, and cut it accordingly.

Step 3: Apply Carpet Tape

Next, get a double-sided tape often used for carpets and apply it to the back of your handmade Oushak rug. You can then stick the non-skid rug pad with your rug.

This is an optional step and you can totally skip it if you like. However, applying the carpet tape would make your rug stick to the surface of the rug pad and it won’t budge easily.

You can also stick the rug directly to the carpet underneath without using a rug pad. But, if you do so, the tape can leave sticky residue on the surface of your carpet. This means, if you decide to remove the rug later, you’d may have to replace the carpeting as well.

Don’t want your carpet to get ruined?

Buy a rug pad.

Step 4: Lay the Rug in Place

Now that your handmade Oushak rug has a rug pad attached to it, all you need to do is place the artifact in the perfect spot. The non-skid pad would now keep the rug from bunching up on the carpet.

How To Stop Rugs from Slipping on Carpet

Inexpensive Alternative

Don’t want to spend bucks on buying a rug pad?

Here’s a bonus tip: Flip your rug, apply double-sided carpet tape to the back of your handmade Oushak rug, or whichever floorcloth it is that you want to keep from bunching up wrinkling, or buckling. The tape should be applied along the perimeter of the rug on all four sides, and then make a big X in the middle. As in, start from the top left corner and apply the double-sided tape in a straight line that ends at the bottom right corner. In a similar manner, apply the carpet tape in a straight line joining the other two corners of your rug.

Afterward, simply place your Oushak rug in the perfect spot on the carpet.
However, as discussed above, doing so can cause your carpet to become sticky when the rug is removed later, because the double-sided carpet tape may leave some residue.

So, don’t try this if you’d like your carpet to stay clean and as good as new even after the rug is removed.

Or, you can simply get rid of the carpeting and stick the rug to your floor instead.

A carpet tape is way less costly as compared to a rug pad, and it can solve all your rug bunching, buckling, and wrinkling issues within minutes!

Also, it’s easy to apply!

Nevertheless, if you do have the budget, I’d recommend you to get a rug pad because it has more benefits than just helping keep the rug in place.

How to Stop Carpet/Rug on Carpet from slipping

For instance, a rug pad can prevent excessive debris and dirt from accumulating underneath your rug, hence increasing the lifespan of both your rug and the carpet/floor under it. They can also keep your rug from getting dented and damaged due to heavy furniture. And, if you happen to own a low-pile rug, placing a rug pad underneath can add extra cushioning, making the rug appear more luxurious and feel softer.

All in all, if you’ve invested in an expensive handmade Oushak rug, or any other wool floorcloth, just follow the steps above and make your rug look flawless at all times!