How to Keep Spiders Away From Your House This Summer

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Some people scream, some people jump, and others just find them annoying. We are talking about those eight-legged arachnids that crawl around your walls and spin webs in the ceiling corners.

No one invites a spider to live in their home unless you have a pet tarantula, but that’s another story. Most people hate spiders and don’t keep them as pets.

There are around 38,000 species of spiders and you can find them on every global continent except Antarctica. There can be one million living spiders in one acre of land, and probably more like three million spiders per acre in the tropics.

Estimates suggest a person is always ten feet away or less from a spider. Ten feet away, huh? Is that a little too close for comfort?

Would you be happy to learn a few tips on how to keep spiders away? No problem! Let’s get into a few sound methods right now.

Spider Infestation

First, let’s talk about how you get a spider infestation. Spiders become more active in the fall as the temperature drops. Some will hibernate until the springtime.

In the fall, spiders will seek a mate. That’s when you may find them indoors. They do not want to bite you, but they are looking for food.

Unfortunately, they may think that your home is a great place to catch their prey, and that could mean that you have a bigger issue at hand. If you have a larger underlying issue for attracting pests, Prodigy Pest suggests you seek a professional immediately to get it under control. 


Natural Pest Control

There are some powerful scents that spiders detest, and luckily, they are common household items. To get rid of spiders, try using peppermint oil. Add 15 to 20 drops of peppermint oil with water in a spray bottle and spray it around your home.

If you don’t have peppermint oil, try lavender, tea tree, and rose. Or, if you use peppermint oil, it’s good to switch up the scents so that they can continue to be effective for you.

Spiders also dislike the scent of cinnamon. You can try dried cinnamon sticks that you cook with, cinnamon-scented candles, or cinnamon oil.


Vinegar is a popular choice how to keep spiders away. Like the oils that were just mentioned, you can fill a spray bottle half with water and half with white vinegar.

Spray the vinegar/water substance in your cracks, crevices, and corners to keep spiders away. However, don’t do this to varnished surfaces. This mix of vinegar and water would be too harsh for varnish.



Spiders like places where they can hide away, so the best remedy to getting rid of spiders is cleaning. Cleanse and declutter your home. Storage containers are better than cardboard boxes, as it is more difficult for them to crawl into.

You should dust and vacuum, too. Do this regularly to help get rid of unwanted webs.

If you have a fruit bowl, check it often for fruit flies. Spiders like to eat fruit flies.

Another scent that people believe spiders don’t like is citrus, so you can try using lemon-scented cleaners on windowsills and bookshelves. You could try burning citronella candles in and out of your house.

Less Outdoor Light

Lights attract insects and spiders eat insects. So, because of this process, we recommend turning off outdoor lights. Also, use opaque shades and blinds that prevent light from shining out of the home.

Traps and Catchers

If you have a high traffic area for spiders, you could try placing a sticky glue trap. These will catch and kill your eight-legged nemesis.

You’ll want to check them often and replace them as needed. Keep them away from children and pets.

If you don’t want to kill them but humanely put them outside, you can try a spider catcher. It’s a wand that you operate by hand that is specifically designed to pick up a spider gently. The catchers have flexible fibers to contain them securely until you let them go outside.


Insecticide From the Store

Pest control spray treatments and insecticides are a remedy that you use on the corners of your home, along the baseboards, and under your furniture. They form a barrier. This kills or repels spiders.

These can work effectively if you have a major spider infestation, but remember that the toxins and chemicals are not safe for children and pets. Carefully read all the directions before you spray.


Cleaning up your surrounding landscape is another method to help get rid of spiders. Trim the shrubs, bushes, and trees enough that you have several feet between them and your home’s siding.

If you have vegetation growing around your perimeter, remove it. Vegetation near the home will unknowingly invite spiders to come inside the home when they need to create new habitat.

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Last, inspect your home for cracks in the exterior walls, as well as the windows and doors. Seal them shut. Not only does this help repel insects, but it will also help to keep your home warm on bitter winter days.

We hope you found a lot of helpful advice on how to keep spiders away. Since there is not just a singular method, we recommend you find the ones that work for you and keep at it.

If you try everything and it still gets out of hand with a spider infestation, call a professional with pest control to help you.

We always post plenty of tips and tricks to beautify your home sweet home. Visit us again soon for what’s new and great!