Keeping Your Paint Looking Fresh For Longer

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A few coats of paint can completely change the look of your house. It can transform an old dull room into one full of fun and hope. The look and feel of a freshly painted wall is nothing if not intoxicating. It makes you wish it could stay like that forever, looking so smooth and fresh.

Well, there are things you can do in order to ensure that all the hard work stays intact for much, much longer. Maintaining your painting project can keep it looking new and fresh for years, saving you a ton of paint and getting your house many compliments. Here are a few tips by professionals from Exterior Painting in Longmont that will keep your home looking ‘freshly painted for much longer.

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Prevention Is Better Than Cure

Before you start your painting project, make sure that you thoroughly prepare your walls for long-lasting results. Thoroughly check your walls for any wear and tear in the form of bumps, cracks, holes, or paint chips. Fix all these issues, fill up the holes, and use a primer to ensure the filling of the cracks and dips. It will help your paint go on much more smoothly and bring back the life in your walls.

Keep It Clean

As time goes by, dust starts settling on your walls. Clean the exterior walls of your house at least once a year to remove dirt, dust, and debris. You can use a pressure washer or a garden hose with a nozzle attachment. Make a mixture of water and mild soap and clean the walls with a mop or a cloth. Be sure to test the pressure washer, hose, or any other cleaning agent you plan to use in an inconspicuous area to ensure it won’t damage the paint. 

Store Leftover Paint

Do not throw away the leftover paint, store it in a jar for future touch-ups. Store the paint in a cool, dry place and cover the jar top with plastic wrap to keep the paint from drying out. Inspect your house’s exterior walls periodically for chips, cracks, or peeling paint. If you find any of these issues, touch up the affected areas with a brush and the same paint you originally used. Viola! Good as new.

Trim Any Overgrowth

There is a chance that some external factors might be ruining the paint on your exterior walls. Trim any trees or bushes near the house that may be brushing up against the paint. This will help prevent damage and allow air to circulate around the walls.

Don’t Skimp On Quality

Using high-quality paint can help it last longer and resist fading. When you’re painting your house, choose a paint that’s designed for exterior use and has UV protection. Commercial Painting Contractors Longmont guide you along the project to ensure the paint is of the best quality, giving your walls a luxury look for years to come.

Don’t Forget Your Kitchen And Bathroom

The kitchen and Bathroom areas get the most wear and tear as they are used much more frequently. Take some time out twice or thrice a year and thoroughly wash your kitchen and bathroom. Wash off the stains and splashes on the cupboards and walls with gentle cleaning. Do not use harsh cleaning products, as they can have adverse effects. If you have a smoker in the house, clean their room a little more frequently to avoid browning of the walls.

Keep Out From The Sun

Direct sunlight can cause the paint to fade or crack over time. Avoid painting your house during the hottest times of the day or when the sun is directly shining on the walls. Keep your paint tins out of the sun to ensure better storage.

Hire A Pro!

If you do not have the time and resources to do it yourself, hire ‘Painters Near Me’ and let them do the work. A painting contractor will use a primer to ensure that your walls remain smooth and matte/shiny for longer. They also have a warranty that you can use to get free paint touch-ups when needed. Sounds like a win-win!

Take Away

Homeowners believe their job ends with putting a fresh coat on their walls. When in fact, that is when the real job starts: the maintenance. Follow these steps to keep your house looking new and fun for ages.