Paint Sprayer vs Roller: Which Should You Choose?


Use The Roller Or Spray Gun To Paint The Walls Of Your House

It is a difficult choice. Spraying paint is quick but requires prep work. Painting with a roller is slower, but you will benefit from a better-quality rendering.

If you are only concerned about the quality of the painted surface, you can’t go wrong with your roller painting. Undoubtedly, you will get a thicker coat of paint and better color consistency than spraying. But you want to consider other factors such as cost, prep time, and surface finish, the decision becomes a little more difficult.

You can use the roller if some of these conditions are met:

Preparation And Ceilings

You don’t want to cover everything

Although you need to cover certain areas when painting, this is incomparable with the significant amount of coverage that will be required before spraying.

Consider that with spray paint, every inch that you don’t want to paint has to be covered with a protective film or drop cloth. Anything you neglect to cover when spraying will get painted over whether you like it or not.

Painting with a roller considerably reduces this preparation phase that you will have to do.

You only paint interior walls

Do you only paint the walls and not the ceiling? This factor may tip your decision toward roller painting. When you use the roller, it is relatively easy to exclude the ceiling. It is not necessary to use a protective film on the ceiling when you paint the walls with a roller.

Simplicity And Money Saving

You prefer simple things

Your roller, a paint tray, and a paint tray are your three main accessories for painting with a roller. On the other hand, with the roller method, it is easy to pause your Best Local Painters Kissimmee FL for a while, to take care of other tasks.

With spray paint, it’s an all-or-nothing project that shouldn’t be stopped.

You want to save money

Spray paint wastes a significant amount of paint when you move away from the surface. It is estimated that up to a third of the sprayed paint ends up somewhere other than the intended surface. With the roller, virtually every drop will end up on the surface.

Also, consider the cost of tools. All roller-related accessories are inexpensive compared to buying and maintaining a paint sprayer.

Type Of Surfaces And Large Interior Spaces

Do you want a technique from the Pros?

Although it is always best to thoroughly clean the surface before painting it, sometimes this step is not carried out. Paint sanding allows you more freedom when the surface is not perfectly clean. The rolled paint goes down in thickness on the initial layer and adheres better to the surface.

The tiny droplets of paint produced by spraying do not connect to each other as well as with roller paint. Professional painters have a clever technique that combines the best of spray and roller. The paint is sprayed onto the wall and then quickly rolled, fusing the droplets together.

Paint sprayers exist for a reason: they’re fast. You can use a paint sprayer if some of these conditions are met:

New large interior spaces

When the room is in the early stages of decorating, it’s a blank canvas. This canvas lends itself well to spray paint. You can spray however you see fit, covering only a few key items, fixtures, or locations, such as plumbing, electrical boxes, and windows. In this case, it will always be faster to spray rather than apply the paint with a roller.

Exteriors And Textures

You are painting an exterior with a clear perimeter

Exteriors with beautiful landscaping, expansive decks, porches, play areas, garages, and anything that won’t be painted near the house dramatically reduce prep time. A clear perimeter means you only need to cover objects at house level, not around the house.

You paint very specific places

Paint sprayers are useful for accessing complicated places (uneven ceilings, assembled baseboards, deep exterior textures, cornices, or masonry). Paint sprayers have the ability to work in the tightest crevices by laying down a thin coat.

There you go, you know everything. Now all you have to do is make your choice or ask our team for more information.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Paint with Roller & Spray

Change of scenery in your interior

Repainting your interior is obviously a quick and effective way to give yourself the impression that you have moved! Go from a pastel color to more dynamic tones to revitalize your bathroom or refresh the paint in your kitchen and why not opt ​​for anti-odor paint!

In any case, the period is favorable to refresh your apartment or your house or quite simply to restore your interior to your taste if you have just moved in!

You already have a precise idea of ​​the shades and atmospheres you want; all you have to do is choose between a paint gun or a paint roller! To help you with this choice, we have prepared a comparison in which you will find the advantages and disadvantages of each. 

The gun: a homogeneous finish, but a long cleaning

The paint gun is ideal for large surfaces for which you do not need to make color changes or paint different shapes. In principle, the paint gun allows a much more homogeneous finish, because it diffuses a mist of paint. A multitude of fine droplets is thus deposited on the surface allowing a homogeneous finish to your wall.

Generally, it is recommended to use the paint gun for the application of a single color in the same room, in particular, to facilitate the application of the paint in places difficult to reach with the roller.

On the other hand, if you have to make different shades on a wall or on several walls in the same room, the gun will not be quite suitable. Indeed, the first disadvantage of the paint gun is the cleaning time.

You will need to half fill the tank with water or solvent (depending on the paint used) and spray the product in a container or on a cloth to clean the tank and the suction pipe of the paint gun.

So, if you have to make different colors, you will have to clean your gun each time. In addition, spray painting requires a controlled and precise gesture, if you want to obtain the desired final result in record time.

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The roller: easy to use, but a longer application time

The paint roller is certainly the most used and, for good reason, it is very easy to get it in DIY stores. This solution is also the least expensive and allows you to achieve different shades without the cleaning being tedious. The practicality of the paint roller is obviously one of its first assets.

Whether you are a beginner or a painting pro, its use does not require specific skills and the rendering of the surface to be painted is of high quality. Indeed, the roller deposits a thicker layer of paint than with the spray gun, thus making it possible to hide any imperfections in the surface to be painted.

The disadvantage of the paint roller is undoubtedly the long application time. Indeed, with a paint gun, you can achieve large surfaces in record time, which is not the case with a roller.

The amount of paint used with the roller is slightly larger. The gun calls for the paint to be thinned. Thus, even if the number of layers is greater, in the end, the gun allows you to use less material.