How To Pick The Best Area Rugs For Your Beloved House (Buying Guide)

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There are several explanations why having an area rug in a modern home is a wise choice. Comfort, warmth, and visual appeal are all benefits given by area rugs.

However, do you know how to shop for area rugs? To be honest, it’s not as simple as you imagine. There are crucial factors one must take to narrow down to the most appropriate choice. So, if you’re looking for an area rug but don’t know where to begin, our detailed guide below will clear the path. 

3 Key Factors To Consider When Buying Area Rugs

While possibilities are endless, there are a few things to keep in mind while purchasing these rugs. Before you make your mind, take the following guidelines into account.


When employing an area rug in your house, paying attention to the sizes is the golden rule. Here are a few notes one might take to decide better the appropriate product to buy.

First and foremost, getting a rug that is too small is the most common problem people face. An area rug should be wide enough to accommodate all of the major furniture items in a space.

If you cannot find one product that covers all areas, you should choose ones that at least contain the front legs of large furniture pieces (the rear legs may be outside). 

However, all the smaller furniture posts should be on the rug for the best aesthetic result. Thus, see how you organize the surrounding items and how they sit on top of your carpet before getting one.


If you possess a large house, split it into distinct zones and apply a separate rug for each one. These products don’t have to be identical, but they should have similar colors or patterns for a cohesive look.

Nowadays, most medium-sized houses possess about 10ft to 20ft of bare floor between the rug’s sides and the room’s walls. However, you may even go down to 8ft or up to 24ft based on the dimensions of the space. Yet, ensure that the rug is in the center of the area. Also, there should be equal space from the rug’s edges to the walls.

Regardless of size, be sure that you have adequate space for people to move, especially in the most active zones of the house. Still, no items should be one foot on and one foot off the rug.

Color schemes and designs

Then, you might want to take a look at the designs and see how your rug compliments the room with the current settings. After all, these items are practically flooring decor, which offers some vibes to the environment. 

In some cases, minimalism could enhance the look. However, don’t be hesitant to go for something with a lot of colors and design if you feel like it fits your space’s vibe.


Products featuring vibrant prints may bring a lot of excitement, too. Yet, if you go for one, ensure that your items won’t cover all of the patterns and layouts of the carpets. Thus, consider the furnishings arrangement thoroughly for cohesiveness.

Pick carpet tiles if your space is massive or if you prefer to personalize your design. Indeed, these items are available in a wide array of shades and themes to make your choice even more diverse. Moreover, if spillages occur, you can also replace the pieces effortlessly.

Ease of cleaning

Last but not least, having a rug that is impossible to clean might be annoying to some people. Thus, going for a product that won’t drain your energy or cost tons of money for periodic professional cleaning services is advisable.

Considering where you’ll use it and how much care it’ll need before purchasing is the first suggestion.


Also, before you settle down on the final call, please pay attention to the materials and their cleaning directions. 

For example, you cannot wash or clean specific organic fiber rugs of jute and sisal. Thus, large spills on these rugs might result in lasting stains and deterioration. Yet, these fabrics don’t expose small dust and marks as much as other materials.

See how to clean them here: How To Properly Clean Area Rugs On Site  


How many times should I clean my area rug? 

Instructions for maintaining each product are different, but there are some common measures that you can take to keep it looking proper for upcoming years. 

It would be best if you cleaned or vacuum an area rug at least once a week. However, giving it a vacuum session a few times per week is necessary to prevent grime and debris from entering deeper into the fibers for the best maintenance. It also helps to lift matted rugs and keep them from looking dull. 

If debris and grime find their way and hide deeper into the fibers, it can result in a permanently destroyed underlayment. The worst scenario is that this accumulated dirt can cause some damages and scratches if you have hardwood flooring underneath the rug.


However, if pet messes and beverage spillage occur, you must deal with them right away. The dampness in the rug and the absorbent cushion beneath it might come through to the floor.

All in all, everyone should have their area rugs cleaned and vacuumed thoroughly at least twice a year, and more frequently if the area has frequent traveling activities.

What are the benefits of an area rug? 

The aesthetic effect of an area rug is maybe the most visible purpose of getting one. However, the advantages of an area rug go way beyond aesthetics. 

The noise level coming from your house will be substantially lower when you’re using an area rug. It’s because carpets not only collect noises from the environment, but they are also gentler to step on, compared to a hard floor surface.


Moreover, it also adds the comfort needed when we walk inside our house. If you have children, it will also be much safer. It’s undeniable that rugs are way softer than hardwood or tile. Therefore, if your kids accidentally slip, the consequence won’t be as severe.  


That’s all we have for today. We hope that you now grasp a sense of what to look for in area rugs with our detailed buying guide above. 

After all, the sizes, designs, and ease of cleaning are absolute deal-breakers. So make sure to consider everything thoroughly before making up your mind. For example, an area rug might look great in the shop but appears as a mismatch in your room. Good luck!