11 Beautiful Plants To Gift Someone

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Looking for an indoor plant gift? Plants are some of the greatest gifts of nature. They signify life and growth, making them the perfect gift for any occasion.

Whether it’s for a birthday or a graduation, there is always a plant that will make the day better. These are 11 beautiful plants for gifts that you can wrap up and present to your loved ones.

1. Lucky Bamboo

Lucky Bamboo is a popular indoor plant gift that is associated with luck. A perfect gift for a birthday to boost the receiver’s luck for the coming year.

The beautiful stems of the bamboo are fascinating. Add a few pebbles and plant them in a glass jar to instantly make any tabletop look better.

2. Jade Plant

Jade is a beginner plant that requires very little commitment. It is a great indoor plant gift if the receiver is a busy person that loves nature.

The plant signifies friendship and prosperity according to Asian culture. This makes the Jade plant a perfect gift to rekindle an old friendship!

Jade Plants are very popular as they resemble mini-trees. The thick wooden stems and fleshy oval leaves give them a bonsai-like appearance. The plant blooms in spring with white or pink flowers depending on the variety.

3. ZZ Plant

Zamioculcas zamiifolia (or ZZ for short) is a tough plant from Eastern Africa. If you are looking for plants for gifts that are easy to grow but elegant, look no further!

The ZZ Plant has deep green glossy leaves which spread out from its stem. The aesthetic plant survives weeks without water.

A perfect gift if the person travels a lot or lacks time to care diligently for a plant. It also makes a great addition to an office as it can thrive in any environment.

4. Rose Of Jerico

The Rose of Jerico or the Resurrection Plant is a fascinating plant from the sandy deserts. The symbolic plant is a part of cultures around the world. We believe it is a fitting indoor plant gift for anyone interested in the works of history or science!

The resurrection plant has a lush green color when it is watered. But the most fascinating aspect of the plant is it goes into survival mode, curls up, and becomes dormant when it senses a drought.

It can stay alive for seven years in this tumbleweed state before succumbing to the lack of moisture. It’s a miracle how the plant springs back to life after just a few hours upon watering.

5. The Christmas Cactus

A plant with a pretty name and an even prettier bloom. The Christmas Cactus is a fancy-looking plant with an impressive flowering season.

The succulent thrives well on a constant watering schedule and in indirect sunlight. We recommend gifting this indoor plant to someone that is willing to commit to it, as it is less tolerant compared to other cacti.

The flowering season of the Christmas Cactus begins in the winter. The colorful flowers can be white, yellow, or even pink.

We believe this succulent makes a wonderful gift for someone with pets, as it is deemed non-toxic to animals. Just make sure to hang the pot away from the ground, allowing the stems to droop down.

6. The Snake Plant

When it comes down to plants for gifts, nothing is as popular as the famous Snake Plant. This hardy plant is a wonderful houseplant that survives just about anything.

It has thick green fleshy leaves with shades of yellow. The main attraction of this plant is its aesthetic leaf system.

The plant does not require frequent waterings thanks to its thick leaves that store moisture. It can survive up to two weeks without water, making it well-suited for busy homes or offices.

7. The Chinese Money Plant

This plant has many names: the UFO plant, the Pancake Plant, and the Missionary Plant. It is often referred to as the rabbit of houseplants, due to its ability to multiply rapidly. By giving someone this indoor plant gift. You are potentially gifting them an entire garden.

The leaves of this houseplant have a very peculiar shape. The circular leaves prefer bright indirect sunlight. These plants are very popular amongst homes in Scandinavia.

They are easy to maintain – just pop them into a pot with drainable soil and gift them to your friend.

8. Hoya Heart Plant

The Hoya Heart Plant is our choice of indoor plant gift when it comes to lovers. The beautiful heart-shaped leaves signify all you need to say!

The Heart Plant can last many years with proper care. Caring for the plant is really easy due to its low maintenance. Keep the plant in indirect sunlight and water it when the soil gets dry. That’s about it! No pruning or trimming is needed.

9. Norfolk Island Pine

The Norfolk Island Pine is an indoor plant gift that requires a bit more space than the others on this list. Despite its name and appearance, the plant is a variant of the Monkey Puzzle Tree. Hailing from the island of Norfolk in New Zealand, this is a great gift for someone with a big garden.

The plant grows well in a pot and can be grown indoors. It can reach up to 20ft which will require re-potting outside. This beautiful plant will be a great addition to a garden. However, it does not tolerate the cold well and requires sunlight to thrive. Click here to read more about the plant.

10. Orchids

Looking for plants for gifts that bloom every year? Orchids are your best bet. These elegant plants have glossy deep green leaves that increase their aesthetic pleasurability.

The flowers of Orchids have a wide range of colors. The most common types of orchids bloom in white, blue, red, pink, and orange.

Orchid blooms last almost 10 weeks. If taken good care of, Orchids can bloom twice a year. They make great indoor plants as they have a very pleasant aroma.

When in bloom, they will light up any room they are placed in. When looking for plants for gifts, an Orchid symbolizes strength and beauty. This makes orchids a thoughtful gift to cheer someone up through a hard time.

11. Bird’s Nest Fern

The Bird’s Nest Fern is a fern that requires a bit more effort to maintain. The beautiful bright green leaves spread out from its base, growing up to almost 5 feet.

If your receiver is from the tropics, the Bird’s Nest Fern will make them feel closer to home!

This plant requires regular maintenance through misting. We rank this to be of “intermediate” difficulty in the hierarchy of gardening. The Bird’s Nest Fern easily adapts to the indoors and makes a great houseplant. It responds well to indirect sunlight as harsh light can burn its leaves.

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