Signs That Call for Possum Removal Melbourne

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Possums thrive at night that makes it a bit difficult to identify their presence. However, possum leaves several signs while causing a ruckus inside your property.  Understand the initial signs of possum infestation and hire professional services for possum pest control Melbourne

Possums often invade our house in search of food or shelter. They can feed on anything when hungry and require a warm home for surviving winters. That makes human houses their best residence.

Moreover, possums are harmful to humans as they destroy everything that comes on their path. These rodents impose health hazards as they spread diseases. All such factors indicate you need professional assistance for effective possum removal Melbourne.

So, read the signs of possum infestation and prevent your loved ones from these harmful pests.

Outdoor Damages

As mentioned earlier, a possum enters your house in search of food. Houses with gardens containing fruits and vegetables often get attacked by possums. You may notice half-eaten vegetables or fruits in your garden. Make sure to check for any holes in the ground as well.

Alternatively, if the possum has tried to find a shelter in your roofs, then there can be visible marks, damages, and worn-out paints on your walls or pipes that lead up. The exterior of your house or balconies can have marks of possum claws. These are the signs of possum infestation, make sure to hire possum removal Melbourne for property inspection.


Possums release several kinds of sound. If they are living inside your house, on the roofs, or in the attic, you are likely to hear a rattling sound every time they move.

Possum also makes hissing and screeching sounds when communicating with others. The lip-smacking sound is produced by elder possums when they call others or talk with baby possums.

Additionally, they love exploring the trash cans at night. So, when you hear any kind of sound in the night, consider it a sign of possum infestation. Hire professionals for performing possum control Melbourne!

Unpleasant Smell

Possums leave a lingering smell wherever they roam. The odor released from their bodies is one way of detecting the presence of possums. Apart from the body odor, the droppings and urine of the possum have a strong odor. If the possums are living inside your attic, you can easily notice them from the strong unpleasant smell.

Alternatively, many a time possum dies after getting stuck in the cracks and gaps. The smell from the carcass of possums can cover your entire house. Such situations give clear signs of possum infestation. You should call professionals for immediate dead possum removal Melbourne.

Missing Pet Food

Every animal loves an easy meal. Possums are no different. When you have pets at home, their meals can be stolen by possums. Possums are sneaky, they can easily enter inside your property and eat your pet’s food.

Keep an eye on your pet’s behavior and check if their food goes missing immediately after serving. If you come across a suspicious situation, search for possum removal near me and contact experts for property inspection.

Places To Search While Looking for Possums

Possums can be found in certain spaces of your house. If you are suspicious of possums intervening on your premises then make sure to check these spaces:

  • Attic
  • Garage
  • Roofs
  • Under Deck
  • Trees


When you remain suspicious of possum infestation in and around your property, make sure to check the signs of their presence. Rely on professionals for inspection of your property and dead possum removal Melbourne!

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