Guide for Removing and Installing a Kitchen Island?

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Having a well-placed island in your kitchen can be a great way to pull the kitchen together. These areas can easily become the focal points and add to the beauty of the space.

But sometimes it happens that your island’s location no longer fits your needs, or you move to a new home and the placement of the island is far from perfect. In those situations, you might be left wondering whether it’s possible to remove and replace the massive piece.

Fortunately, moving a kitchen island is entirely possible. However, the time, work, and money entirely depends on the type of island you currently have in your kitchen.

Before getting into how you can replace your island, let’s go over some complications that could make you look for a professional to remodel your kitchen.

Complications That Could Arrive

  • Stovetop on the island: If you have a stovetop on the island, then you will need to turn off the main gas lines running into your home first. The lines then need to be relocated. This will be done best by a professional.
  • Appliances on the island: If you have any appliances installed in the island, you will need to turn off the main electrical switch and remove the wiring powering the devices. This will be done best by a professional.
  • Sink in the island: With a sink, you will need to remove the water supply and the waste disposal pipeline to remove the sink and move the island. You will need a professional for this.
  • Having outlets: The same concept applies here that does with having appliances on the island.
  • Lighting right on top of the island: If you have any lighting fixtures placed right on top of the island, you will need to relocate them. This might be more challenging because the space over your new island location might not have electrical wiring. This will be done best by a professional.
  • Heavy countertops: If the countertop of the island is made of cement or a heavy stone, you will most likely need to remove that before moving the island. Since these pieces are heavy and often quite fragile to remove, you will need to call in a professional to do the job.
  • Large island: If the island you have is quite big, you might need to disassemble it first into smaller pieces and then move it.
  • The tiling or flooring doesn’t run underneath the island: Most homeowners don’t think about this, but the islands and the cabinets usually are not installed on the tiles or flooring. Instead, they are on the subfloor, which is the one below the tiles or the flooring you have.
Kitchen Island Remodel

If you think this the case, you might need to find tiles that match yours or get the same flooring and call in a professional to install them. If you can’t find similar material and designs, you might need to rethink your decision.

How to Remove and Reinstalling Your Kitchen Island


Before actually getting to the move, you should prepare everything ahead of time for the process to go smoothly when you call in the professionals or extra hands. You can do this by:

● Removing all the items
● Removing the appliances
● Removing the drawers, shelves, and doors
● If there is, remove the trim
● If you can, remove the countertop

Removing + Rebuilding Kitchen Island with a Shiplap Floor Inlay

Un-Anchor the Kitchen Island

You should try to give your island a little push to see if it’s anchored in any place. If it doesn’t move, then you need to figure out where the anchor is located. To do this:

Check the cabinets and look for screws that may be providing the anchoring. You should also check in or behind the toe kick.

You can simply remove the screws to un-anchor your island.

Move Your Kitchen Island

You can simply move your cabinet now. Considering disassembling it if it’s quite large, heavy, or just difficult to move in one piece.

Removing Kitchen Island Base

DIY Reinstall Your Kitchen Island

How you reinstall your kitchen island highly depends on the things you had to do to uninstall it. So, in general, you might have to do the following.

  • Install lighting
  • Make sure the gas, electric, and plumbing is in place
  • Re-anchor the cabinets
  • Reinstall the countertop
  • Install your appliances
  • Replace the trim
  • Put the shelves, doors, and drawers back in their place
DIY Installing an Island

Be Careful About:
When you move a kitchen island on the ground floor, you might sometimes have to deal with pipe bursts, electrical issues, holes in the ground, and many other things that can leave your basement damaged.

You should get professionals to handle the renovation job if it seems complicated. Otherwise, you might need to hire experts for basement development and renovations.

Removing and Installing a Kitchen Island