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After purchasing the flight, the second thing to do to organize your trip to New York is to book your House. New York has nearly 300+ hotels, but for some time now more and more people are choosing to stay in an apartment. A lot of people are looking for a rental apartment in nyc.

As unfortunately, sites like Airbnb or Homelidays are no longer really reliable in NY and in addition do not 100% respect the laws of the city of NYC, my idea was to look for “THE” company that would allow me to rent a reliable apartment. , in accordance with the law and at a good price/quality ratio.

And precisely New York Habitat really meets all my criteria and even much more, I explain all this here and do not hesitate to compare it with its competitors to be as objective as possible and that you better understand its strengths.

What is NY Habitat?

NY Habitat is quite simply a New York real estate agency created in 1989 by the French Marie-Reine Jézéquel. At the time, they only offered House in New York but since then they have diversified and also offer House in Paris, the south of France, and London.

Today the team in New York is made up of several French people and this is precisely one of their strong points for us because their after-sales service is all the more facilitating for us!

Otherwise they offer around 200 short-term rental apartments (vacation rental), nearly 1,500 in furnished rentals for medium and long term , and nearly 400 in shared accommodation.. So their offer is really generous.

To be honest with you, I have known NY Habitat and its team since 2011 , but I did not put the agency particularly much forward for 3 reasons:

  • Their website was not very sexy and easy to use
  • Their offer was quite limited at the time
  • The arrival of Airbnb at that time made me want to go to the American start-up and its plethora of offers.

But today everything has changed:

  • Their website is attractive, practical and fast at the same time
  • The supply of housing in New York has really increased a lot
  • Airbnb is experiencing setbacks in many large cities around the world and I do not even speak of the many galleys of false apartments or cancellation at the last moment on Airbnb of which I myself was the victim with my small family.

In short, yes today NY Habitat has become hyper competitive and in my opinion really better for Home in New York.

What are the strengths and weaknesses of NY Habitat compared to Airbnb or Homelidays?

To be sure not to forget anything, I go through all the important criteria concerning the rental of an apartment:

●    Site Characteristics:

You should know that NY Habitat is a real estate agency which manages hundreds of apartments, and not just a website like Airbnb and Homelidays which offer a connection between individuals. Like normally any real estate agency in France, they know all the goods they put on their catalog (here their website). Consequently, these apartments have been analyzed and for the majority visited by a member of the NY Habitat team, and therefore inevitably there are no surprises behind.

While you know it as well as I do, on Airbnb and Homelidays there is unfortunately no verification … hence the scams!

●    Website Ergonomics:

Airbnb has been a forerunner and innovator for several years, but nowadays all major short-term apartment rental sites are alike. So, whether it’s Airbnb, Homelidays or NY Habitat, they are all tied .

●    Offers Apartments for Vacation Rental:

Even though they offer fewer apartments than 2-3 years ago, Airbnb still dominates all the others. Then I think that Homelidays offers 2 times less offers and finally NY Habitat almost 10 times less.

Now we have to put these figures into perspective, because at Airbnb and Homelidays you find a certain number of apartments that have no reviews or just a few… and it is often these that are synonymous with scam.

●    Offers Apartments for Furnished Rental:

It is NY Habitat that offers the most apartments for medium and long term. Then Airbnb is behind it and Homelidays comes in last place.

On the other hand, for shared accommodation, only NY Habitat offers it.

●    Choice of Options

Airbnb and Homelidays offer more options, but frankly most of the options are more gadgets than anything else because choosing an apartment just because it has shampoo, heating, wifi and a TV screen, is not really useful to nothing, because today they all offer it in NYC !!! It’s really to say: look, we leave you a crazy choice … but in the end yes, we are rather laughing at you!

●    The Rates

Regarding prices, NY Habitat is more expensive than Homelidays and Airbnb.


One of the main reasons is that NY Habitat apartments meet specifications to comply with New York City law. I’ll explain that to you just below.

●    Apartment Rental Regulations for Short Term Rentals

The regulations adopted in 2010 prohibit the rental of apartments for less than 30 days to visitors in buildings with 3 or more apartments.

However, if the building has less than 3 apartments, it is OK.

And if the owner stays in the House with you throughout your stay (and also rents you a room in his apartment), then that’s okay too.

The difference between NY Habitat, Airbnb and Homelidays is that NY Habitat inspects each apartment to make sure they are complying with the law .

As I say in this New York Apartment Rental Act 2011 article , it is not illegal for you to rent these apartments in violation of the law.

But as the NYC town hall wants to fight this illegal trade, the owners who are unscrupulous with the law are also with tourists and do not hesitate to cancel at the last moment as I paid the price one day in NYC when we There were all 3 of us (Céline, Marius who was 4 at the time, and me) in the snow one evening in December…

In short for this criterion, 200% advantage for NY Habitat !!!

●    Customer Service before and During the Trip

Finally the last criterion is not the least because it can be important both to have help during the reservation and on site if there was a problem.

In theory, Airbnb and Homelidays have a few people speaking French at home, but in practice every time I had problems with my apartments, luckily I knew how to get by in English because the interlocutor did not speak French at all.

The advantage with NY Habitat is that a large part of the team are French and you could be in contact with:

– Christophe who takes care of arriving customers and that he takes care of regularly when they need it. And it also helps you upstream to choose an apartment according to your criteria. And of course all in French since Christophe is French.

– Benjamin takes care of the after-sales service (quality service) during and after leaving the apartment. And again, it’s 100% French!

In short, yet another advantage for NY Habitat !

My experience with NY Habitat

I myself tested an apartment rented from NY Habitat in 2011 and everything went admirably.

Here are some photos but especially the article that talks about it: I tested the apartment rental in New York with NY Habitat


I hope you will have understood that even if Airbnb and Homelidays are cheaper and offer more apartments, not only do NY Habitat only offer apartments legally and they also have French customer service !!! So it’s up to you to see if you want to stress until the last second to find out if your apartment is a scam or not…

I now have made the choice! I sincerely believe that NY Habitat is a good housing plan in New York.