Top Five Residential Landscaping Ideas

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Rather than around your home with a moat, use any of these five fantastic yard landscaping ideas to provide color, texture, and warmth to the place you call home.

There are many stunning and great methods to make your house attractive and appealing. From growing flowering plants to planting annuals as well as perennials to deer-proofing your yard.

Allow these yard landscaping ideas to pique your interest since they are appealing and useful. Then, to help you create the magnificent outdoor living areas you know. You’ll love, apply our best landscaping ideas.

Below are some of the best custom landscape designers New York,

1. Incorporate biophilic design

You don’t have to live among wildlife or old-growth trees to feel at one with nature. By integrating natural elements with hardscapes, such as grass having grass block paver. A business-oriented backyard might be converted into a relaxing space (without losing the form and function).

This approach is known as “biophilic design“. It is one of this year’s major landscaping trends. According to Joe Raboine, Belgard’s director of residential hardscapes.

Integrating a little biophilic design into your landscaping plan is a good idea. If you want to interact with nature without leaving your home.

2. Separate your spaces

A lot is going on in your backyard—kids bouncing on trampolines, dogs roaming about, gardening, weekend barbecues, and maybe even Saturday morning yoga.

While creating a single multifunctional place is possible (and perhaps even simpler). Pol Bishop, a U.K.-based horticulture and landscaping specialist for Fantastic Gardeners, recommends dividing and conquering.

On one side, there’s a dog run, a place for sun salutations, a child zone in the middle. And a separate part for your grill, smoker, and outdoor wet bar. Hedges, brick edging, flower beds, and fences are some of the techniques to establish these delineated spaces.

3. Define spaces with a floating deck

Who says a deck can only be built right off the house? You may create the idea of greater space by tucking a floating area into the corner of the small backyard.

For a close-to-home retreat, add a bistro table and chairs to the level platform for a comfortable area to enjoy morning coffee. A modest 10-by-10-foot deck made of pressure-treated wood costs $2,000 on average.

4. Add a Prefab Accessory Dwelling Unit

Hanging out in the courtyard doesn’t entail being outside in the open. Consider adding an auxiliary housing unit into your landscape design if you could use a little extra indoor space to go with your backyard makeover.

These charming flats may be used as home offices, guest suites, game/media rooms, gym studios, or even family members’ permanent living quarters. While building one from the ground up is an option, you may also go the prefab route and buy one as a kit.

5. Create porches for garden beds

A large slope may make a small property feel even smaller. You may add visual interest to your yard by hiring a professional landscaper to create terraces into the slope with suitable retaining walls in place. Plant flowers or evergreen bushes on the terraces to take it to the next level.

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