7 Little Ways to Safeguard Your Living Space

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The safety and protection of your living space are essential information to which you should pay close attention. Installing appropriate safety precautions in your residence won’t only secure you and your family members from unforeseen problems but will also help immensely with alleviating stress when you are not home.

While modern technology can help residences safer, some of the most reliable defensive measures include basic measures like ensuring the gate to your garden is locked. There is no such thing as a 100% successful security precaution. If anyone wanted to break into your home, they would almost certainly figure a way. The more steps you take, though, the more effort it will take to intrude and the higher the chance of getting caught; inevitably, it won’t be worth the risk.

Below are some of the ways to keep your dwellings safe from intruders.

1. Install a home security apparatus

Installing a house surveillance apparatus is among the best ways to deter burglars and notify you when an intrusion has occurred. Statistics show that residences without surveillance systems have higher chances of trespassing.  Home invaders would most likely flee if they saw a surveillance camera or signage showing that you’ve installed a security apparatus.

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A home surveillance device will also notify you when an intruder has gotten into your residence. If there’s an activity in the yard or at the front door, cameras will notify you when an intruder reaches your house. Your security agency can also inform the police for you, based on their policies. Many incredible DIY protection systems exist, as well as stand-alone gadgets that you can personally install at an affordable price.

2. Lock your windows and doors

The first and simplest line of protection against trespassers is to keep your windows and doors locked, but most of us don’t do it regularly.  Thieves are still on the lookout for simple prey, and an open window or door is precisely that. It’s safer to ensure they are closed even when at home. Always check doors and windows of the first-floor before going out to ensure they’re all locked.

Some gadgets could also assist you in keeping an eye on your entrances. Window/door sensors can detect when a window or door has been left open, and smart locks are programmable to lock themselves at predetermined hours automatically. You can get help with all these from the nearest Automotive Locksmith services.

3. Store your valuables in a safe

In an ideal society, burglars would never gain access to your house, and there would be no need to be concerned about your possessions getting stolen. However, even the best-drafted plans, regrettably, can backfire. If a home invader manages to gain access to your house, you’ll want to ensure they don’t get away with your valuables.

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To start, consider getting a lockbox or safe to store valuables such as money, important documents, jewelry, and other stuff you don’t want a robber to take. When it comes to larger objects like electrical gadgets, you can ensure they are harder to steal by storing them in a hidden location when not in use. Burglars want to get into and outside your house as fast as possible, so any form of deterrent, no matter how small, will help.

4. Secure the garage

People spend a lot of time and money protecting their residences, but they often overlook their garages. Unknown to many, this can be a simple way to gain access to your house. Always ensure all of your garage’s windows and doors are closed. Additionally, instead of storing the keys to your garage door in the car, where it’s easy to steal, please keep them in the house. Finally, ensure the door from the garage to the house is always closed. This ensures that if somebody gets in your garage, they won’t get access to your house.

5. Light up your compound

When creeping into a house, intruders hate the feeling of someone watching them, and the presence of exterior lighting makes them feel like they are being watched.

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Since the majority are usually opportunistic robberies, outdoor lighting will keep the invaders keep moving. Instead of leaving the security light on throughout, invest in motion-sensing lights that turn on when there’s movement. A home invader will get caught unaware by the light, which can make him flee.

6. Rethink where you hide your keys

It’s time you reconsidered the old trick of hiding your spare keys under the flowerpot or doormat. Burglars are aware of these common hideouts for keys, and they will look there first. If you must have a key outside your house, consider alternatives like a secret combination lockbox or a place well away from the doorway.

7. Create an impression that someone is home

Most intruders are not looking to enter a house with the owner present. Instead, they’d like to get an empty house and move in as quickly as possible. As a result, among the most effective ways to deter them is to give the impression that there is someone there throughout.

Leaving the TV or lights on when at work is an excellent example of this. When you leave for an extended time, like on holiday, get your mail collected by a family member or neighbor because accumulating mail may be a sign that no one is home. Smart lights can add to the realism by programming them to switch on and off at specific periods to mimic the homeowner being around.


Nobody desires to be the target of a break-in at their house. Using the suggestions mentioned above will deter and discourage intruders, keeping you, your family members, and your belongings protected.

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