Simple Home Upgrading Tips for a Growing Family

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When you first buy a home, it seems perfect with its cozy charm and just the right amount of space. But as time marches on and your family grows, it can feel cramped. You need more rooms for your teens and their hobbies, a new workspace for the home office, and lots of storage for toys, books, and all those special memories!

Moving to a new space might not be suitable for all, especially if your city’s housing is 27% higher than the national average, like in Marysville, Washington.

So, what do you do?

You renovate!

But instead of shelling out the big bucks and remodeling your home, why not start with a few simple upgrades that will give you more room to stretch out?

Ready to give your home a boost? Read on for some incredible ways to level up quickly and easily today!

Remove the Clutter to Make More Room:

Are you still hoarding the baby chair your child used as a toddler? Maybe one of the closets is full of clothes you haven’t worn in years?  It’s time to declutter! All those unnecessary items can make even the biggest home feel small.

So, put everything you don’t need into storage boxes and donate them. A garage sale is also an excellent idea.

But letting go of things isn’t always easy. There’s a sentimental attachment, to be sure. Therefore, the best way is to rent a storage unit and tuck these belongings away till you need them again. Search for storage units near your home to conveniently retrieve your belongings or store more. If you’re a citizen of Marysville, for instance, do a quick search using the terms self storage Marysville WA and select the storage unit that caters to your needs. You might even get your first month free with a promotional offer.

Optimize the Extra Space You Have:

What’s rotting up in your attic? Is it full of old furniture, dusty clothes, or a few priceless family heirlooms? And your garage? Are you using it for something useful, or is it home to rodents and spiders? It’s time to put the extra (but valuable) spaces to good use!

The attic and basement can be prime locations for a home office or a recreation room for your growing kids. And the garage can be transformed into a workshop, game room, or craft area.

Plus, you don’t have to burn a hole in your pocket to upgrade. With a few DIY projects (or perhaps the help of experts) and some creative ideas, you can turn your spaces into pieces of art! Paint the walls, install some shelving, get new light fixtures, throw in some bean bags, and you’re done!

Keep Your Floor Plan Open:

Is your little bundle of joy transitioning from their lap-only years to becoming a crawling monster? Then it’s the perfect time to rethink your floor plan. Knock down a few walls and open up the space for more room to run around. A more open floor plan will also create an illusion of a larger area.

Plus, open floor plans are excellent for any gathering you might host. And if you have elderly relatives or visitors coming in, they won’t need to worry about navigating tight corners.

You’ll need professional help from an experienced contractor to complete the project. Search for skilled professionals in your area, and don’t forget to get multiple quotes before deciding.

Invest in Multipurpose Furniture:

Murphy beds – the savior of tiny homes. They are perfect for families that lack space but need a bed in every room. And it doesn’t end there! You can also get beds that double up as study tables, sofa beds, and storage ottomans.

Having multipurpose furniture can be a great idea to make the most use of your limited space. Although these pieces might not come cheap, they’ll last for years and still look great.

Sofa beds in the living room are excellent for hosting friends and family.

Other excellent additions for space-saving are wall-mounted shelves, sliding doors, and foldable furniture. There’s plenty of inspiration out there if you’re feeling creative!

Add Extensions:

As soon as the kids turn twelve, they want to move out of their share-with-mommy-and-daddy bedroom. They want rooms that are all theirs to play and hang out with friends. But do you have enough rooms in the house for each kid?

No worries. You can always add extensions to your home and create a few extra bedrooms. Imagine adding an extra living room and a game room with an attached balcony!

It might be the most expensive option on this list, but it’s a great investment.

Moreover, since this project involves structural changes, you’ll need permits and architectural plans to get the job done. And, of course, it’ll cost you a bit more than expected.

So, before you get extensions, ensure you have all the facts, like the cost of building materials, labor costs, and the timeline. Once everything is in place, you can start the project and create a few extra rooms for your growing family.

One More Bathroom:

When everyone in the house has a boss to please by reaching the office on time, you can’t afford to have long bathroom queues. And if you have a family of five or more, it can get messy in the morning.

So, why not add an extra bathroom? You can easily fit it in the existing space without consuming too much of your floor plan. How about you convert your pantry or closet into a toilet?

An extra bathroom might be a great addition to your home if you decide to put it on the market.

To add a bathroom to an existing space, you’ll need a contractor to work on the plumbing and electrical circuits. You can also use this opportunity to get creative with the design. Choose a vibrant color palette or decorate the walls with wallpapers.

Final Thoughts

Adding a few upgrades to your home can be an excellent way to ensure it grows with your family. With some creativity and a few upgrades, your home will be ready to accommodate your growing family in no time!

One thing that’ll help you along the process is planning. From assessing your needs to preparing a budget, take your time and ensure you take every step with caution. That way, you won’t end up regretting the investment.