Small Bathroom Remodeling Ideas For Beginners

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Both big and small bathrooms have more or less the same elements – some are a must, while some are optional and just perfect to have. People usually don’t bother too much about designing a small bathroom because they think that there’s not much that they can handle.

Small bathroom remodeling ideas for beginners

However, contrary to this widespread belief, many things can be done to make a small bathroom more functional, practical, and at the same time fully-equipped as well as luxurious. It is indeed more difficult when it comes to remodeling a small bathroom, but it is not impossible. You need plenty of time and will, and some creativity and ideas will just come.

Take a look at some practical design tricks that can make small bathrooms feel much spacier than they used to do.

1.  Install a large mirror with a backlight

That is a design tip that even people who are not interior designers know – large mirrors create an illusion of openness. A wall-to-wall mirror is sure to make your tiny bathroom seem larger than it is.

As such, it brings an airy vibe to the bathroom. In combination with a light color scheme and some pretty wallpaper, it can appear more spacious. Another popular feature that includes mirrors is a backlight.

If you opt for a bit smaller mirror than wall-to-wall, you can upgrade it with some modern backlight. There’s nothing edgier than that, and they are regarded as an extraordinary choice for a contemporary design.

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2.  Go for a smart toilet

Once upon a time, smart toilets seemed like a way too futuristic thing to believe in happening any time soon. However, believe it or not, this time has come. The modern, so-called smart toilets are easier to clean and more convenient, and healthier to use.

They are usually characterized by hands-free mechanisms such as self-closing lids and touch-free flushing. These mechanisms reduce the interaction with surfaces covered in germs. Another practical feature is the self-cleaning mechanism, which is a blessing.

Smart toilets often come with an installed bidet, which makes the use of a toilette healthier and more hygienic due to its handy features such as heating the seat and the water and offering different washing functions. People usually mount them to the wall, so there isn’t any exposed plumbing.

3.  Use space-savers

When it comes to small bathroom designs, it is especially crucial to hunt for space-saving features. That includes all elements in a typical bathroom.

Think about storage space and opt for cabinets that can serve at least two functions. Do the same with the vanity or medicine cabinets.

Consider how much space you have and where exactly and only then opt for shelves and racks of certain sizes and shapes, you can place some things on the floor, while you can mount others to the wall.

It goes for all kinds of shelves and racks as well as some hooks and hanging prongs. Think about dual functions at all times. You can use the internet to search for some space-savvy ideas online.

4.  Set up a floating vanity

A floating vanity is surely among the most popular bathroom features these days. Besides looking fabulous, they are also practical and usually a compact option. They are easily customizable with all kinds of sinks, fixtures, and faucets.

Wall-mounted vanities come in a few alternatives. You can opt for a vanity with a complete unit including a countertop, sink, and storage space. They contain only some of the mentioned features and also those that are single units.

5.  Light up

A nice and cozy bathroom is always well lit. That means it should have plenty of natural light as well as artificial light. Go for accent lightings such as mirror light, floor lamps, wall lamps, or ceiling light.

You can use dimmers for a more romantic atmosphere or turn a very small bathroom into super cozy bathing heaven with a little imagination and effort, so make your life better with these simple and easy bathroom remodeling tips.

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Whether you are remodeling a small bathroom or a big one, bear in mind that paying attention to the aesthetics and functionality of your bathroom is more important than financial issues.

Also, by the use of your creativity, you will be able to build a completely equipped bathroom that is modern and beautiful at the same time. As mentioned in the post there are various tricks that you can use to make your small bathroom look bigger. So if your bathroom is tiny, do not hesitate to remodel the whole place.

Small bathroom remodeling ideas for beginners