Renovation Tips: Questions To Ask Before Starting Floor Renovation

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The floor is one of the most important surfaces to consider during a home renovation project. The flooring type and finishing will not only be detrimental to the look of your home but will also be one of the most usable surfaces in the house.

There is no way to walk around a house without using the floor, so personalizing your floor to your wants will provide a very noticeable change in your life.

There is no perfect floor that would fit everyone’s needs. Because some people may want to have an aesthetically pleasing hardwood floor while others may prefer a cheaper and more durable laminate flooring.

People who like to stay warm may even install a heated floor to never experience walking on ice-cold tiles. There are many ways to upgrade your floor during renovation. And this article will go over the most important parts to consider when planning your floor renovation.

Flooring is expensive, and rebuilding it from scratch may be a very lengthy process that may require professional expertise. This renovation project should be thought through without making any impulsive decisions.

Before scraping the flooring, you should answer the following questions to understand whether you need to reconstruct the floor from scratch.

What Is My Budget For The Project?

Installing a floor may be a very costly process. On average, the cost of flooring installation ranges from $6 to $10 per square foot, and in some cases, the price can go as high as $18 per square foot.

Installing flooring in a single room may already be quite costly, so it is important to align your budget with the expected cost of the project.

To estimate how much you will have to spend on a project, you have to calculate the area’s square footage and multiply it by $6 and $10 to get an expected range.

If your current budget cannot fit in the cost of the project, it might be wise to postpone the renovation. It is always possible to save money, but unplanned budget cuts may lead to poor-quality flooring that may need to be replaced very soon.

What Is Wrong With My Current Floor?


When you ensure that you can comfortably allocate enough funds for the project. You should see whether your floor requires a complete renovation. If you are generally satisfied with the performance of your floor, but you think about renovating it due to wear and tear. You do not have to reinstall the whole floor. In many cases, a damaged floor can be fully repaired for the fraction of the cost it takes to replace the whole floor.

One of the most common damages floors get is water damage. Sometimes, water damage can destroy the floor, which will require a complete replacement of flooring. On the other hand, in many cases, water damage affects only a part of the floor. which does not require a complete floor replacement. For example, hardwood and engineered wood floors are usually connected in sections. These sections are replaceable. If water damage hits only a few sections, you do not need to replace the whole floor. Instead, you can simply replace only damaged sections.

What Are My Preferences?

Every person is unique and may want to have unique features on their floor. Numerous features can be installed with the floor, but before they are installed, they must be chosen by the homeowner. You need to understand what your purpose is for initiating the project. If you are generally happy with your current floor, but you would like to hide the wear and tear marks. You do not necessarily need to go over a pricey floor replacement project. On the other hand, if you would like to add some features to your floor and remove dirt like spray paint from the floor. Then you may need to do a thorough replacement.

When you are trying to identify your preferences, try to think about what you value the most. Are you looking for a sturdy floor that will last for a long time? Would you like to make a safe zone for your growing kids? Maybe you are looking for an exquisite flooring design for your lounge zone. As your purpose differs, your design, materials, procedures, and labor costs will differ as well.


How Much Construction Experience Do I Have?

When you confirm that you want to change your floor. And you have enough money to cover the costs of the project. You may want to consider hiring contractors to do the job.

Contractors will be able to complete the project promptly. Although it is suggested to leave the project to professionals.

If you have some experience in construction, you may be able to participate and potentially save some money. For example, you could estimate the square footage and calculate the amount of concrete needed for the project.

Completing simple calculations on your own and getting the materials beforehand will ensure that the contractors are paid for the actual work and that you are not overcharged for the materials.

If you have advanced knowledge of flooring, you may even be able to handle the project yourself if you have enough time on hand. All of these tips may help you save some money on labor costs.

It is important to understand that if you make mistakes, you may waste a lot of time and material. If you do not have any experience, then you should not try to save money by working on the project yourself.

These questions allow you to think about the project critically and understand whether you can afford the project and whether you need it at all.

These questions will help you understand if your floor requires a full replacement or slight cosmetic maintenance. It is always possible to complete a project without fully understanding whether you need it or not.

A thorough thought process, on the other hand, ensures that there will be no delays and waste of money due to changes in plans and budget.

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