7 Warnings That Symbolizes Your AC Tune-Up Is Due

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Regular adjustment of the air conditioning system is essential for its proper functioning throughout the year. When your air conditioner starts working abnormally, it may be time for some routine maintenance.

Periodic AC tune-ups carried out on time can save you a lot of money and hassle on expensive air conditioner repair services.

Several signs indicate the need to get professional AC repair service over time, from poor air circulation and cooling to peculiar smells.

If you don’t remember the last time your air conditioner was serviced, your AC may let you know very soon.

Here are some warning signs that call for attention and immediate care from air conditioner repair services.

Your AC Makes Strange Noises

If your air conditioner is very old, it may start making noises every time you turn it on. Some familiar sounds that indicate a severe problem include shocks, hiss, hum, or explosive noises. If you notice any such unusual new sounds, it means that it is time to tune up your AC.

Under normal circumstances, the air conditioner will produce an insightful sound if the airflow is partially blocked as it tries to push the air through the blockage.

If the blades are damaged and cannot move quickly, it can also produce a buzzing or harsh sound. An AC motor that is about to shut down will make a humming sound.

When your air conditioner tries to tell you something, you should pay attention to these sounds. It would help if you got your AC checked by professional air conditioning installation companies as soon as possible to find out the root cause of the issue and get it fixed.

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Your Utility Bills Have Increased

Regardless of the weather, your air conditioner generally goes through a relatively regular cooling cycle.

Although you can expect your cooling system to turn on more frequently during the hottest days of summer, it should not constantly turn on and off during any season. Such frequent cooling cycles will undoubtedly negatively impact your electricity bills.

If you notice frequent cycling on regular days, you should contact professional air conditioner repair services. Adjusting the air conditioning preferences may temporarily resolve frequent cycling, but it is also an indicator that you may need a new air conditioner.

Your AC Does Not Cool Properly

If your air conditioner blows out room temperature air or hot air, it is not achieving its sole purpose. There can be many reasons for this situation, which can be solved through regular air conditioning tune-ups from an expert AC repair service provider.

Your air conditioning coil may need to be cleaned, or the air filter may need to be replaced to prevent dust and dirt from becoming the leading cause of inefficient air conditioning. Your air conditioner may also have insufficient refrigerant gas and refilling it may solve the problem.

The problem could also be an electrical issue, or the outdoor AC unit is charged due to a trip or blown fuse.

Your AC Emits An Unpleasant Odor

If you suspect that your home has an unpleasant odor and feel that it is coming from your air conditioning system, you may want to solve the problem before it worsens.

The smell may be caused by many factors, such as a damp filter, a blocked condensate drain line, or a buildup of fungus or mold.

Sometimes the smell from the air conditioning vents may also mean that the system cable insulation needs to be replaced. Trapped and decomposing animals in your unit can also emit a pungent odor.

You can also learn about other causes and possible solutions for peculiar air conditioning odor from central air conditioner installation companies in your area.

Regular air conditioning tune-ups ensure that your equipment is clean and well maintained to avoid any such unpleasant odors. It’s better not to risk severe infections and always keep your air conditioning in the best condition!

Your Air Conditioning Has Poor Airflow

Irrespective of the season, most people rely on their air conditioning system to provide a constant cool airflow to maintain a consistent and comfortable temperature. Your AC unit will work double-time if this doesn’t happen, leading to temperature inconsistencies and increased utility bills.

Poor airflow may also mean that the air filter is clogged, or the tubing is leaking. A clogged pipe or dirty air filter can prevent air from effortlessly passing through the system.

If these clogs are not handled properly, they can lead to costly repairs that no one will care about. In addition, it can also cause allergies and other respiratory problems, posing health risks for you and your family.

If you feel that the airflow from your device is weak, it is high time to schedule air conditioner repair services for a regular tune-up.

Periodic maintenance is a great way to remove debris from vents or other blockages to restore airflow and make the air conditioning system work efficiently again.

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Your AC Cannot Control Humidity

In the spring and summer seasons, the weather can become very prickly and sticky. It does not mean that you also have to experience highly humid indoor conditions as well.

Typically, your air conditioner should automatically adjust the humidity level in your room. However, if you feel that your air conditioner is not working correctly and the humidity level in the room is still high, then your air conditioner tune-up is probably due.

In such cases, the refrigerant in your air conditioning system is insufficient and needs refilling. Also, the temperature of the evaporator coil may not be enough to cool the air and effectively remove moisture from the room.

Therefore, the system cannot counter the problem of increased humidity. Periodic AC maintenance from a reliable AC repair service can help make your coil work perfectly.

Your AC Leaks Water

Clogged drainpipes or refrigerant leaks usually cause air conditioner leaks. Refrigerants are responsible for producing cold air and can cause condensation buildup in the process; however, liquids should not be accumulating or leak into your living spaces.

If you find a leak around the air conditioning unit, it means that your refrigerant is not working as efficiently as it usually should.

Timely maintenance from authorized air conditioner repair services, such as before the onset of different seasons, can prevent water leakage in time. One should also take these leaks seriously because they not only cause severe damage to your air conditioner, but they also cause severe damage to your home.

Brent MacKenzie and his family have been in the HVAC business for over 3 decades. He’s a state-licensed heating and AC contractor and is certified in the design, fabrication, layout, and installation of forced air heating and cooling systems.