Different Types of Tile Finishes For Your Home

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A tile finish plays a significant role in enhancing a home. It comes in a variety of sizes and designs to create the flooring and wall that you desire. This can make your home more welcoming, and, in turn, a good investment for you and your loved ones. Here is a short guide to innovating your space with tile finishes.

Factors to Consider

Tile finishes come in different types, but here are some factors you need to know in choosing the right material:

1. Texture

Plenty of tiles provide a wide range of textures. You can select from glossy, rough, or the ones that give a 3D texture effect. Finding the right tile texture is crucial because it will affect everyone’s safety.

Consider the elders who may tumble down with ever-polished tiles, so rough tiles are an alternative. The same when you live with kids that love to play around to avoid injuries. Such factors will keep you guided in looking for a tile finish with the proper texture. 

2. Design

It is a bit complicated to decide on the tile design due to many factors. The tile finish choice should match the overall home appearance. This is why asking for professional help matters to end up with the right tile setup.

The patterns and colors of the tile may influence the final look of your house. Research some tips on which tile pattern and shade fits your home style. Avoid those colors that can make a home look darker but this depends on your liking. With the tile pattern, it is best to keep it simple unless you want to execute a 3D effect for your home.

3. Cost

Renovating a home can be expensive. Quality tile finishes ensure long-lasting beauty for your house and are also a great investment if you have planned to sell it in the future. The price varies, so choose a tile finish that is worth every penny. 

4. Material

The robustness of a tile will depend on how it is made. Each type of tile finish, therefore, requires different ways of installation and care to deliver its full benefits. Most of the best tile types are made of porcelain, stone, and ceramic which are perfect for your next project.

Types of Tile Finishes

The following tile finishes are popular around the world. Each one comes with different materials, sizes, and shapes giving consumers a wide range of options to enhance their homes. Select a tile finish based on your budget and liking.

1. Stone Tile

Building a luxury house is better with stone tile finishes. It is well-polished and ideal for formal spaces that demand a glamour appearance. The material is smooth and shiny due to a series of polishing throughout the installation process. Tilers may recommend using gold color to fill in the gaps between the tiles for a more expensive look.

The best example is a house made of marble tiles, which is common nowadays. They may be hard to maintain but worth investing in.

2. Satin Tile

Unlike stone tile finishes, this one is less polished to achieve a balanced look for your space. It is installed the same way but has a bit of a rough surface. This is perfect for royalty subways and often in neutral colors.

3. Honed Tile

This third type of tile finish has a smooth matte texture. It can make a room look more casual with its modern designs. The same process is for the installation but with fewer wheels to accomplish a less polished look.  To better imagine how honed tiles appear, it is identical to mosaics.

4. Brushed Tile

Though tiles can be subject to wear and tear, a brushed finish could make them more durable. A tile installer will use metal bristles along with the wheels to create an orange-peel-like surface. However, the softness of the tile remains the same. This tile type is ideal for constructing an accent wall.

5. Tumbled Tile

Texture matters most in installing a tile and with tumbled tile finishes, it would produce a rough surface. It employs an aggregate in the process to improve traction with your flooring or walls. It also works best in hiding flaws and with rustic decor.

6. Natural Stone Tile

Among the types of tile finishes, a natural stone tile gives off a more authentic look to your space. It has the most unique cut and sizes and a common example is a slate. With the help of the experts, this outdoorsy-looking tile can be installed indoors with a beautiful result. 

7. Matte Tile

Here is a tile finish if you do not prefer a glossy surface. It won’t reflect any natural light and is very ideal for contemporary homes. The installation process with this tile finish is more complex than the others which use a special machine for a better outcome.

8. Multi-Fired Tile

Only a few have a multi-fired tile installed on their homes. This is the most recent tile finish in the market that gives off a metallic and 3D texture.

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Final Thoughts

Overall, a surface that is either made of rough or smooth tiles will make a home look better. The market offers different types of tile finishes to meet every home’s needs. Contact a tile installer to know which tile finish best suits your home to get started.