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Despite the whims of fashion, hardwood wooden flooring in Brisbane and across Australia appears to be impervious to trends. We at My Rugs have been supplying timber flooring to residents of Australia. We’ve gained a lot of knowledge about the large varieties of wood flooring over the years.

When it comes to your home’s aesthetics, practicality, and upkeep, the type of flooring you choose is critical. Finding the ideal flooring can be a challenge, whether you’re starting from scratch or remodeling an existing space. So you definitely need to know why timber flooring installation is important for your houses.

For generations, wood has been used for flooring, and it is still as popular now as it has ever been. What’s the reason?

1. It’s a breeze to set up

The timber flooring installation is a simple task that even individuals with little DIY knowledge may complete and it is easier than you might expect after you gain some experience with it. So often people try to install it themselves in small places however, the larger installations must be done by a professional to avoid any flaw in the process.

2. It’s simple to clean, maintain, and repair

Have you ever been tired enough of cleaning and maintaining the floors? We know it takes effort to make the floors look spick and span all the time.

The trouble can be eliminated with the hardwood floors that are really easy to clean up and maintain. Especially in highly crowded areas like corridors and living rooms, timber floors require little maintenance after sealing and finishing. Regularly completing the following tasks will suffice.

  • Vacuum or sweep the floor
  • Remove any sludge or grit
  • Clean up any spills
  • Frequently clean the floor using a mop.

So with the aforementioned easy cleaning steps, you can have the timber floor sparkling all the time.

3. Say Bye to the Surface Cleaners

Timber flooring is smooth and non-porous and this characteristic makes it ideal for a wide range of applications. With timber flooring, you don’t have to worry about sanitizing it because it doesn’t collect dirt, dust, and pet hair. Fungi and parasites like dust mites, which are at home in carpets, won’t be an issue either. What a relief!

4. Fix the damage right away

If you damage a hardwood floor, sandpaper and floor finish can readily fix it (or simply replace the damaged boards). In contrast, if your floor is made of laminate or carpet, you will almost certainly have to tear it up and start over. Who has time to do all that? Certainly, you need timber flooring to prevent your floor from those dreadful damages.

5. Intriguing visuals

In terms of natural warmth and classical beauty, there is nothing quite like dark timber flooring or light timber flooring particularly if the natural colors and grains are allowed to come through.

Carpet ages quickly, whereas tiles can make a house feel frigid. Timber flooring, which comes in a wide range of colors, treatments, and designs is a timeless choice for any house. So it clearly means that your floor would remain to be an ageless beauty.

6. Sturdy and durable

Who doesn’t want a durable floor for their house that lasts a lifetime? Timber flooring has been the highly recommended floor when it comes to installing durable and sturdy tiles. Heavy foot traffic, busy offices, and rambunctious children are no match for hardwood floors. The carpet begins to seem dingy after only a few years due to wear and tear from foot traffic and spilled stuff.

On the contrary, high-quality timber flooring can last for decades and even look better with time if it is properly maintained. You’ll be able to use it for the rest of your life if you take good care of it. It’s easy to sand down and repair scuffed timber floors to make them look new again. You can take the assistance of a professional for repairing it right.

7. Property Value Increases

You need every advantage you can get when trying to sell your house in a competitive market like Australia. The unique look of a well-installed and well-maintained hardwood floor elevates a space to the level of high-end or opulent. Timber floors are therefore an investment to increase the value of your residential area.

8. Hey, It is even Healthier

When talking about flooring in your home, wood is the most secure option you can choose. Dust, mites, mold, and even pet odors find refuge in carpets. Removing your carpet and replacing it with a hardwood floor can help alleviate health issues or allergies. Because dirt gets caught in the grout, even tile may be a pain to keep clean. Clean and disinfect timber floors completely, and the air quality in your home will improve.

9. Friendly to the environment

Timber, a renewable resource that stores carbon, actually has a lower carbon impact than nonrenewable resources. When it comes to the wood we use at My Rugs, we only utilize timber that has been ethically acquired and cultivated according to forestry guidelines.

Replanting new trees and harvesting only mature trees will restart the process of converting environmental carbon into lumber.

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Timber Floors Get Beautiful As They Get Old

Yes, you read it right. We love to buy things that are quite beautiful and valuable for us, but with the passage of time, the value decreases and so does the newness. This is fortunately not the case with timber flooring.

In fact, one of the many advantages of using timber wood for flooring is that it often improves with age. Scratches and gouges in the floorboards are part of the charm of an older home, and if you’d like, you can always hire a timber floor cleaning service to come in and remove the damage and restore the flooring to its former glory.

This fact is definitely surprising! Who would not want a floor that gets better with time passing? So let’s hire an expert to get this pretty floor installed.

Though flooring made of timber is extremely long-lasting, cozy, hypoallergenic, and simple to clean and maintain yet another important thing to remember is that you can’t just “sleep and forget” about it completely. Every three to four years, high foot traffic areas require buffing and re-coating not only to keep it looking excellent but also to preserve its moisture resistance and prevent warping and other issues.

An investment in timber flooring is something that should be done with the long term in mind. It possesses a beauty that cannot be dated in any way.

People choose to have timber floors installed because of the numerous benefits that these floors provide, including simple cleaning and maintenance, high levels of hygiene and insulation, improved air quality, suitability for use in homes with dogs and infants, and hypoallergenic properties.

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An essential part of any home renovation is the flooring. Timber floor installation is, without a doubt, the best option. Finding the right timber flooring is difficult enough; having it installed correctly is another story altogether, and you may need the services of a professional to avoid disaster.

Since they are the best professional wood flooring installation service in Australia, we recommend that you go availing of the services offered by My Rugs for the best possible results.

So reach out for top-notch flooring services for your homes and offices. If you have any concerns, contact the My Rugs staff right away for more details about Timber Flooring Installation.