Top 5 Interior Design Trends for 2022

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The New Year is a great time to give your home a refresh. Whether you are getting your home ready to sell or want to increase your comfort level while you are at home. You may want to consider some of the top 5 interior design trends for 2022 that real estate agents are raving about. Get ready to be surprised at how a few updates can change your home’s look and give it a modern refresh.


While color can always change the look and feel of a space. For 2022 designers are talking about a specific color palette that can make a big impact. Primary colors — red, blue, and yellow — are being paired with a backdrop of a muted wall or furniture to add an artistic edge to any corner of your home.

You might go for a lamp in blue, a vase in yellow, and another accent piece in red. This looks great on furniture, too, with bright pillows and a grey faux fur throw blanket. Get creative and be on the lookout for these colors when you are shopping at a home decor store.

Go Global

Perhaps inspired by the desire for a tropical getaway, interiors are getting a global refresh. With a focus on calming earthy color palettes, woven and rattan home accessories, and plants from continents a world away.

Cool grays and browns could be paired with white and plant accents. To help you feel like you are traveling without going anywhere. A bonus is that agents are also talking about this home decor trend if you are staging a home to sell it.

Eco-Conscious Elements

Those rattan accessories are also part of the trend toward more eco-conscious home interiors. Homeowners are going back to nature not only with rattan and bamboo for furniture but also by adding more greenery for another decor tip that is also good for the environment.

On-trend and easy-to-maintain air plants can be added to any room to add light and airiness without too much of an investment. Remodels are also going green, with eco-friendly paints, bamboo flooring, and rugs made from natural fibers.

Watch this video to have more information:

Elevate The Home Office

It’s probably no surprise to hear that the home office was big in 2021 and will continue to be a must in 2022. As people continue to work at home, pulling up a laptop to the kitchen table isn’t cutting it anymore.

Extra bedrooms are being transformed with desks and storage areas. And office nooks are also getting upgraded in living rooms, or even in closets with overhead lighting, office chairs, and artwork.

Decorate To The Max

Minimalism was in for about the last decade, but now, designers say it’s all about maximalism. This could be the time to take those decorative items in your garage out of storage and to re-envision your decor.

All of your favorite pieces — like a vase, sculpture, and painting — in one corner can be one way to try out this trend. Adding a pop of whimsical wallpaper, or a decorative lampshade can be another way to give it a go. Just remember that the more, the better.

While trends come and go, having fun and envisioning your interior in the way that feels right to you is always in style.

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