New Trends In Dorm Decorating

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Dorm decorating presents a unique challenge for a number of reasons; the cramped space, rules and regulations regarding decorating and accessories, novice decorators overwhelmed by choices, the multifunctional nature of the room et cetera. To get the best results in dorm decorating approach the task one step at a time.

Learn The Rules

Unfortunately, schools have a lot of rules and regulations on what can be done in a dorm room and even on what appliances and accessories are acceptable. There may be a little bending of the rules once there, but until that time it is best to plan to stay within the boundaries.

New Trends In Dorm Decorating

Color Palette

Most bedrooms are decorated in muted palettes with nice soft, neutral colors that are conducive to sleep. Dorm rooms, however, are an entirely different story. Dorm rooms serve a number of functions and sleep is just one of them. Most people prefer a bright palette for their dorm room décor to keep them up and energized for those all-night study sessions. The biggest tip is to select a color that will be tolerable for the entire year and not just the latest trend.

New Trends In Dorm Decorating


Putting a personalized stamp on the world is important in college, it also prevents roommates from adopting someone else’s possessions. There are a number of ways to personalize, from monograms to sorority accessories and bedding or even school sports teams.

New Trends In Dorm Decorating


College bedding is essential to the entire room, it sets the tone. Make sure to review the dorm information before purchasing bedding as the beds will be provided and a specific size, typically they’re extra long singles. Bring as much of the selected color palette and personalization into the bedding as possible to boost the effect and make a statement. Add more pillows and pillow-cases as pillows can provide additional seating for guests or make propping up against a wall more comfortable. Think traditional bedding and then up the importance by 10.

New Trends In Dorm Decorating


Whether the accessory is a pencil cup or a flat-screen television it first needs to fit in the dorm guidelines or out it goes. Then it should be selected for practicality, bring only items that will be needed and used. If a roommate is involved make sure there isn’t a lot of doubling up because space is very limited. If possible, coordinate accessories as much as possible to keep a united theme and a cohesive look throughout.

New Trends In Dorm Decorating

Big Picture

A dorm is an amazing place to live, a place where important lessons are learned in school and life, lifelong friendships are forged and memories are made. When decorating a dorm room remember that a lot more happens that just sleeping; there are lessons, meals, snacks, studying, fun, TV watching, game playing, parties, more schoolwork and silly hijinks. Keep all of this in mind while decorating and selecting items for the room, look for multifunctional pieces that store easily and look attractive.

There are a million dorm decorating ideas out there and many are really great and useful so scour the magazines and decorating books but remember that dorm decorating doesn’t have to be expensive. Spend money on comfortable, durable bedding and a good computer, the other items will probably be discarded after college so there’s no reason to break the bank.

New Trends In Dorm Decorating

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