Types Of Pool Cleaners And Which One Is Best-Suited For Your Swimming Pool?

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Swimming pools are a great investment. It’s your responsibility to ensure that it appeals aesthetically and functionally well even after several years of construction. Regular cleaning and thorough maintenance are imperative for improving the longevity of your pool. 

In this article, we will be reviewing the popular types of pool cleaners with perks of each. So, let’s scroll down and have a look:

1. Robotic Pool Cleaner


Amongst all the popular types of pool cleaners, the robotic pool cleaner is a type of cleaner that operates independent of a filter system and pool pump, and no hose connection is needed. It does require low-voltage electricity to run. The ability of a robotic pool cleaner varies for different models of robotic pool cleaners. They are simple to operate. All you have to do is to drop it in the pool water, and it does its job. 

The robotic pool cleaner works its way around the pool surface, using vacuum pressure along with different kinds of brushes to get rid of algae and debris of all sizes. The high-end robotic pool cleaners can climb the walls, scrub to the waterline, and even get rid of the stans. It will follow a strategic path for cleaning your backyard swimming pool. These machines come with advanced features like deep cleaning or quick cleaning to pool owners to meet their specific cleaning needs. 

What are the Pros of a Robotic Pool Cleaner?

  • They need not be attached to the pool.
  • Robotic pool cleaners are energy-efficient. 
  • They are capable of dealing with all kinds of debris. 
  • They have a longer lifespan. 

2. Pressure-Side Cleaner


A pressure-side cleaner is a type of cleaner that is attached to the pressure return side of your pool’s circulating system. It uses water directly from the booster pump to drive the cleaner throughout the pool. The pressure-side cleaners are divided into two major categories, one to a separate booster pump, and the other to a standard return line. The pressure-side cleaners are available for both in-ground and above-ground swimming pools.

The pressure-side cleaners often come with a large-size inlet that allows the removal of large debris like leaves, acorns, twigs, and pebbles. They also have dedicated bags for collecting all types of debris, right from tiny dirt to large items. 

What are the Pros of a Pressure-Side Cleaner?

  • They are clog-free cleaners.
  • Capable of handling larger debris.
  • They can run on a timer.
  • They are easy to clean and maintain. 

3. Suction Pool Cleaner


As the name suggests, it uses a suction pool cleaner that relies upon the suction side of the pool equipment for cleaning. They are either connected to a dedicated suction line or a pool skimmer and work around to collect the debris. Once connected, the movement is automated and random. Design and features of suction pool cleaners vary from one model to another; some models even climb walls. 

They are cost-efficient pool cleaners in the market, but they have a lot of moving parts that need to be replaced now and then. 

What are the Pros of a Suction Pool Cleaner?

  • They operate using the existing filtration system.
  • Suction pool cleaners are an affordable option in the market. 
  • They move in patterns to clean the pool.

4. Manual Pool Cleaner

If there are excessive debris and algae problems in your pool, then a manual polo cleaner is most preferred as it delivers the desired results that you may not expect with an automatic pool cleaner.

It consists of a vacuum hose and head along with a telescoping pole. The shoe is connected to the head at one end, and the water intake nozzle on your pool swimmer to the other end. There are various brands and models of manual pool cleaners available, you need to consult your local pool professional to assist you with choosing the right type of manual pool cleaner. Their expert advice is based on the unique needs of your pool and your geographical region. 

What are the Pros of a Manual Pool Cleaner?

  • They are the only pool cleaner option for removing algae.
  • A manual pool cleaner is best for spot cleaning before the pool party. 
  • They are much cheaper compared to an automatic pool cleaner.

Why Is A Pool Cover A Must-Have?

Finally, you want to spare yourself from pool cleaning to a great extent, by investing in a pool cover reel.  Besides saving on utility bills, it reduces the cleaning time by keeping dirt and debris out of the pool water. It prevents or slows down evaporation and saves chemicals. Further, a pool cover can help with safety by preventing your kid or pet from accidentally falling into the pool water. 

Move a step further and install a patio enclosure that protects not only the pool but the deck area as well.  While it keeps the patio clean, it adds value to your property. 

So, if you do not want to invest heavily in a pool cleaner, these accessories can be a great option to receive multiple benefits.